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Jimmy V.:
Hello all,

Circle the Wagons has just been released. Please give us feedback!

We are obviously particularly interested in bugs you may find, or any question that you may have regarding the game.

Thanks for your ongoing cooperation!

Have fun! This game is really great.

Jimmy V.:
No one has posted here, but we are aware of a few things regarding the interface.

So let me list them. Let me know what you think is most important to change.

1) One cannot see the goals without scrolling down. It would be nice to see them at the top (top-right more likely, next to the rules link) of the screen, always visible.

2) Scoring is only done at the end. It would help to have it during the game. We decided not to show it to create a suspense at the end of the game. The suspense works, we think, but is it worth it?

3) In the "both towns" view, one cannot see the cards. Would you like to see them in a row below both towns? Would not it confuse you?

4) If you build a card, then change the view, the card goes back to the circle and you have to build it again, is that annoying?
5) Does double-click work fine? If it does not, please let us know what machine you are playing on.

6) If the game does not work really well on your mobile/tablet, please let us know! What machine is it?

7) The cow (for you) and the gun (for the opponent) are not always displayed at the same place. It depends on who the first player is. So if the cow is the first player it will be on the left in the "Both town" view and at the top in the scoring tables. I understand this might be confusing so we might change this so that the cow (you) is always on the left or on top.

Thanks for your input!

Daniel G.:
I'm using my desktop browser:

1) I don't mind
2) People would probably give up sooner if they saw the point difference, I assume
3) I'd like to see the cards when I built something. It helps me to know how to place it instead of switching back and forth between the views
4) Generally fine, it even keeps the right orientation
5) Works fine
6) -
7) Cow always on top would be best

Jeff M.:
Using Chrome on a Mac.

1) Keeping the goals always visible would be huge to me.
2) I like the drama (but see my potential timer bug note) I agree people would probably give up sooner if they saw the point difference, and I think the scoring could change dramatically if cards are placed over top each other.  Don't discourage folks from a come from behind win.
3) Yes Definitely!
4) I like that it keeps the right orientation, but find it frustrating that it goes back.
5) I agree it works
6) (have tried on my windows PC running Chrome and it's fine there too)
7) Another vote for Cow always on top would be best.  I've been really excited a couple of times to only realize the other player had the better score :)

Richard C.:
1 - It'd be great to always see the goals
2 - I also like the 'surprise' element at the end of the match
3 - No real preference
4 - It's not really a problem
5 - Works fine
6 - On my iPhone 6S I've once had an issue where a card on the left of the circle wouldn't let me 'swipe' it to pick it as the swipe action was too close to the edge of the screen. This meant my iPhone kept trying to go 'back' (to the previous web page) in Safari. The only way to select the card was to zoom in a lot so I could move the card without being too close to the edge of the screen.
7 - Another vote for Cow on top please!


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