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Ideas for Advanced Rules


This is a great game, but it could be even better.
1) It seems stupid that when you have three cards in hand of the same type, that you must discard one. I have never been a fan of that mechanic, being forced to discard something you want. Advanced rules would allow you to play them all at one time, if you can!
2) There are times when you have a hand of nothing but unplayable cards. That's not really fair. Advanced rules would let you discard and draw 3 new cards, then play.
3) Sometimes the other guy gets all the guns! It can really mess you up if they play them right. Advanced rules would make it so that the underdog (in terms of getting attacked repeatedly) would have stronger attacks, based on how often they had been hit. For example, My Attacks vs My Opponent's Attacks: 0/2 times= when I attack next, I can hit 2 of his bird cards and keep one. 0/4+= when I attack next, I can steal 2 cards. This would help balance things and make people think twice before attacking repeatedly! 


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