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Bug: cards not shown in hand cards

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Iris S.:
Hi guys,
I just had a weird bug when playing Siberia and was told to report it in the forum.
For my turn I drew cards, when the stack contained 0 cards. The game continued as if I received cards, but they were never shown to me. I did not see them in my hand cards. The spots where the freshly drawn cards should have been were blocked though, cards I received afterwards were arranged right of the blocked (empty) spaces. I could not see or click the phantom cards. Otherwise the game continued normally.

Jimmy V.:
Thanks for reporting on this. I have just credited you with 300 gold coins to say thank you.

It looks like the cards were received by the browser and probably it thought it had placed them at the right place.

I may be wrong but it looks more like a browser temporary issue than a bug. People have sometimes reported cards being displayed black which definitely is a browser problem. And maybe this time, it was something similar.

What browser do you use?

Anyone else saw this behaviour?

Iris S.:
I'm using Firefox 59.0.1 (64-Bit).
It may very well be just my browser's issue. I can't replicate the behaivor, getting the draw stack to exactly 0 is to much effort ;-) If it happens again, I'll let you know.
And thanks for the coins :-)

Iris S.:
Now I've done it again, but this time I only had one "phantom card". Again, it happened when drawing cards from an empty pile. I made a screenshot at the end of the game. The last thing the game always does is hand you a card after your last turn. Here you can see that last card I received was arranged right of the empty spot (that is blocked by a "phantom card").

Jimmy V.:
I see.

Have you just started playing Siberia Card? Did it not happen in the past?

I think something is corrupted.

You can try either of these solutions:

1) Close Firefox and restart. That may be enough. Browsers are sensitive things.
2) Oopen a training game of Siberia Card, then press Ctrl-F5 to force a reload, clearing the cache in the process. Your first game food will be lost.
3) if this did not work, then type about:preferences#privacy in the address bar, then:
3a) in the History section, click on the links that are in the sentence: You may want to clear your recent history, or remove individual cookies.
3b) click on the button "Clear now" in the Cached web content section

If it still does not help, try with another browser.

Try 1) first, then let us know if it worked. In case it comes back for another game/user, we'll have the solution ready.
Then 2), etc.


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