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Jamie A.:
Maybe it's just me  ;)  but I've found it easy to misplace a card every so often... so many blinking placeholders. It would be nice if we could retrieve an accidental discard at least as part of the standard 'take a card' at end of turn.

Bartholomew .:
To be clear: your suggestion is that if someone discards a card and has not yet drawn a card (either from the discard or draw piles) that they should be able to pick the card back up if it was accidental, correct? I have played Lost Cities elsewhere and have not seen that feature used. However, I think that would be a nice feature and would create a more forgiving game, especially for beginners as they figure the game out.

Great idea!

Jamie A.:
Yes I think that's it.  :)  I'm not asking that a person get an extra turn or extra card, just that they be allowed to pick up the card just discarded to complete their turn. Which they would be able to do on an actual tabletop but it seems to be blocked here.

Jimmy V.:
Hi guys,

First of all, thanks for reporting your issue and asking for potential improvements. We are always happy to read your comments.

The undo functionality has been asked many times in the past. Unfortunately, this is something that is harder to implement that it looks. We are trying to keep the platform simple to upgrade and maintain. The undo option does go not well with this.

So, as much as we would like to offer the undo option (we know it would be a huge improvement), this is not something that we can do with the limited manpower that we have.

Again, thanks for reporting this!

Jamie A.:
Thank you, I appreciate your reply, however I don't quite understand and hope you can explain a bit further.

There are 5 differently colored discard slots, A B C D E. Right now if I discard to, let's say slot B, I am then able to pick my new card from slots A C D E or the draw pile. I'm asking to be able to pick my new card from slots A B C D E or the draw pile. So, the request is for removal of the feature which locks slot B, rather than adding a new function. I hope this helps. I guess I think of the existing lock as more complexity: an added feature that didn't need to be there (and of course that's easy for me to say, not having done the programming lol).

It's possible that you lock slot B as a safety to prevent errant movement from accidentally repicking the card just placed, I don't know.

Again thank you for consideration and reply.


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