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Jimmy V.:
Glastonbury is now available. It is a very nice game where you (as a wizard) try to collect ingredients for your potions.

When you take an ingredient card it is added to your cauldron. At the same time, the figure on the card indicates the number of steps your will move next turn and will thus determine which new cards you can take (maybe none if you land in the corner). So there is a little of bit of planning ahead.

Besides, some cards are not ingredient cards but spell cards that let you bend the rules of the game (and annoy your opponent too).

So be smart and you'll be a winner in this magic city of Glastonbury!

An overview of Glastonbury is here.
The rules of Glastonbury are available here.
But as always, it is best to follow the tutorial that lets you discover the game effortlessly.

Jimmy V.:
You are welcome to report bugs and give us your thoughts about Glastonbury here.

Jeff M.:
So I was trying to play, tonight and started to chat with my opponent and then the error messages kept popping up and up.  Started getting about 50 Send error codes.

Jimmy V.:
Thanks Jeff! You saved us.

There was indeed a bug in human vs human play. We had not tested it again in the final days before release (shame on us) and a recent change in the code led to an issue that we had completely overseen.

I'll make sure to give you 2000 gold coins. Check your chat and account! And thanks again!

Jeff M.:
I'm glad I could help out!  Thanks for the ongoing great work!


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