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Jimmy V.:
Please use this thread to ask for new features!

Darryn B.:

* Forum support time zones
* Best of 3 support for Lost Cities

D. C.:
Hi -- an undo-move feature would be nice to have -- I and an opponent of mine both experienced a need for this while playing Lost Cities; one can imagine it might be helpful in other games too.

Thanks for listening.

--D. C.

Jamie A.:
This isn't really the type of request you were looking for however seems like the the most fitting location.

Going through the tutorial for Hanamikoji reminded me of something I've noticed here from time to time. The language can get to be rather relentlessly generic-male:

"He got the new card."
"He must now play one of his 4 actions."
"Let's see what he does!"
" is not important whether the user plays well or not, he will always progress"
"If he can win it, he’ll get a white meeple"

and etc. It does stand out as being somewhat anachronistic for the day. In fact I think it stands out a bit more on Happy Meeple simply because the site has such a welcoming and inclusive overall design.  :)  It's a small area where I think the text has a bit of room for improvement in catching up with the rest of the design.

Jeff M.:
How about the ability to use Google translate to instantly translate other languages into the native language.  This function is available at and I really enjoy being able to speak (mostly clearly) to folks in other languages.  This functionality helps build communities within the chat session.


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