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Happy Meeple community / Re: Notifications on new posts
« Last post by Stuart L. on 31/08/22, 03:01am »
They will appear in green in The Daily Meeple section (and it's pretty rare, so it should be very easy to notice when there's a new forum message).
Happy Meeple community / Re: Notifications on new posts
« Last post by Jerman H. on 30/08/22, 08:26pm »
Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« Last post by Hugo M. on 30/08/22, 02:00am »
I just found a bonus/lucky card with 10 pieces of wood - thanks Happy Meeple!  :D
In the beginning I figured out (with help from others) that with a Grocery (6 pieces of wood) one's able to buy food in units smaller than 4 - a single food portion. (Not that a game will be cheaper itself.) I rarely have used this because mostly I can wait a few minutes until the counter reached zero and gave me a new unit or I took 38 coins at once.

What I really would enjoy: When it's been possible to buy magic food in portions smaller than one day! For example half a day or eight hours or four hours (or even smaller).
I rarely have time to play 24 hours at a strech (only when I got my first magic potion "1 day"-lucky card  ;D) so it would be really nice to use a grocery to buy small(er) units of magic potion for a few hours "excessive" play of single player games or a bunch of 'expensive' games (e.g. Carto).

Thanks for all the great games here!
Happy Meeple community / Notifications on new posts
« Last post by Jorge S. on 23/08/22, 05:14pm »
Hi folks!

I wanna get notifications on new forum threads, then what am I supposed to do? Can someone give me a hand?

Thank you for taking the time.
Tips, polls, updates / Re: Bug with closed tables
« Last post by Jamie A. on 26/07/22, 09:58am »
Am still interested in a reply from Admin here, isn't this a bug? It does sound like an unexpected result at best - most players would expect "play with a friend" to mean their own friends, the people on their own friends list. Also it sounds similar to this old report.
Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« Last post by Desi V. on 20/07/22, 10:40pm »
hi my name is desiderio vazquez, i live in cancun, i´m a teacher.
Happy Meeple community / Re: New bug?
« Last post by Kai W. on 18/07/22, 04:17pm »
I have this problem when i played from mobile. Every time, every match
Happy Meeple community / Too many chat messages ???
« Last post by Marlene H. on 18/07/22, 01:25pm »
I think the system might be a bit buggy at the moment. 

My opponent just sent a message, saying "Hello".  A few seconds later he timed out.  I think his page might have frozen. 

I sent him a message saying - "What happened?"

It did not appear in the chat window. 

Then a few seconds later I got a message from Happy Meeple saying:
"You have sent too many chat messages!"

I have sent many messages over the time I have played here. 
But, I have never seen that system message before. 

What gives?
Happy Meeple community / Re: Why am I banned?
« Last post by Jimmy V. on 13/07/22, 09:48am »
If you are the person I am thinking of, I have indeed written to you (wrong email).

Can you please write to us with your previous email and your new email so that we can make the change to your account and send you the relevant information.

Happy Meeple community / Why am I banned?
« Last post by Guest 370126 on 13/07/22, 08:32am »
Hello Jimmy V,
in my registered account I am not able to send a message.
Could you please check the situation?

I asked Hugo M about the issue and he said you warned me. This is not the case.
If you wrote an e-mail: I used an email address which is currently not available anymore.
Please let me know.

Best regards.
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