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Happy Meeple community / Re: Vote for Happy Meeple!
« on: 31/03/17, 11:19pm »
 :(  are we no longer able to vote?  I clicked on the vote button and it takes me to the site... but I don't see where to vote anymore...

what about "silver sickles"?  rolls of the tongue nicely in english.. Sickles are definately medieval and if your doing an icon,.. could be same as the gold coin only silver..

how about development dollars?

Rankings, meeples and achievements / Re: Achievements
« on: 14/06/16, 07:19pm »
sounds rational.  Thanks for the reply.

Rankings, meeples and achievements / Achievements
« on: 09/06/16, 05:20pm »
I understand the achievement badges stop at "10", then how come when you win more than 10 in a row, I still get awarded achievements and points for it but it does not show up in the record?  Don't get me wrong, I love getting the points for it, makes it more interesting to play.. and I just won 15 in a row in Keltis woohooo!. which was really fun.. to see how high I could get before losing. 
Would it be a big deal to add another badge in our record which shows our highest achievement beyond 10?

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Your feedback on new version
« on: 22/04/16, 12:47am »
well.. since you asked..
what about when you click on the inn, you are directed to the world map.. the game icons could be on the left side of the river.  Seems to me, when we go to the inn, it is to see what games are available to play with a real person..  needs further thought.. but its an idea.

Also,.. I have always felt like the main page was kind of redundant once you added the inn.  I thought the inn was great conceptually.. you enter into it to see other players, and games so you can join one.  I never go to the main page.. you can see and do everything you want from the inn.. 

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Your feedback on new version
« on: 21/04/16, 07:23pm »
Overall, I like it.  I think I would make the location icons (games, world, inn, etc) a little larger since I think those get clicked on the most.  Also,.. have always felt like the artwork for the world should be more prominent on the main screen.  The art work is so colorful and cheerful, it is a shame that you can only see it in full if you go to directly to it.

Will you use the new meeple times area to promote quests?

Thanks for continuing to update the platform.  Much appreciated!

Lost Cities / Re: Comments on Lost cities makeover
« on: 07/03/16, 10:55pm »
Well, I have hit the red discard pile a couple of times because I am accustomed to the draw pile being located there, but I am sure I will get use to it like everyone else.

I really love the animations that pop up to locate where to place the card,.. I love that they are different for each world.. very original and fun!  Again, thanks for the updates ;D

how fun! I love re-arranging my world.
 I think you should nix the bot quests as you already offer bonuses for beating them3, 6, 9 & 12 times... unless you want to provide larger milestones for bots, i.e. win a prize for beating verboten 15.. 20 times.

Can't wait!

wow,. looks really good!

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 25/01/16, 11:54pm »
I prefer to play with a person unless I am playing a game for a mental break at work, then I prefer to play a bot because the game is typically faster, and if I get a phone call, I have 10 minutes before I need make a move.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 22/01/16, 07:59pm »
Hello fellow Meeples!
I love this website and the people who come here! As you see, my name is Stephanie.  I live in the Chicagoland area of Illinois in the US. I am a general contractor (who specializes in building custom homes) by day and a game junkie by night.  The current family favorite is a Catan. Lost Cities is a nightly round robin during dinner, loser has to do the dinner dishes! 
Have Fun! and don't forget to VOTE!

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