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Tips, polls, updates / How to change email address?
« on: 11/11/20, 02:07am »
Hi all~

I was wondering how to change the email address used to log in? It won't let you edit that field on the settings page and I didn't see anyone else posting about it so...

Thanks in advance and happy gaming ^.^

Happy Meeple community / Re: Disturbing message
« on: 10/04/19, 07:49pm »
I thought this was going to be a creepypasta (scary internet story) XD;;;

I'm sorry this happened to you~ Sometimes there are problems with loading screens and reloading might have confused the server, thus prompting this message~ I don't have the authority to change it, but I'm sorry it upset you. Thanks for posting and hopefully the site owner will be able to change it to something else~ ^.^

Risky Fishing / Re: Risky Fishing development
« on: 26/03/19, 12:03pm »
FYI, there are no rocks on the last port square.

Hi there~ ^.^ Oh, sorry, I mean, there is the possibility for rocks there (maybe based on speed?). Every time I land on the final port square, there is a dice roll and I have even lost points on it T.T Maybe I'm just unlucky? XD;;;

Risky Fishing / Re: Risky Fishing development
« on: 26/03/19, 03:51am »
I've been playing it like a fiend for the past couple of days, haha~ Here is a short list of stuff I've noticed~

Things I love:
*Really cute animation
*Lots of different strategies that can be used
*Random routes/dice so it doesn't get boring (although some routes seem like death traps, haha)

Things that could be better:
*Steep learning curve~ Maybe it's just me, but there are a lot of rules and things can get confusing. I recommend playing several games in a row to get the hang of things as there isn't a tutorial mode on the beta version. Or maybe you're just quicker on the uptake than me and you'll do well the first time, haha~
*Rest counter doesn't always work, so sometimes it ends at 1 health, and sometimes it only gives 2 health
*Last block has random, mystery rocks... so that's a bit stressful haha

Things I'd love to see:
*Crabs for an extra fish bonus
*Shields for extra hull points
*A bonus that lets you rest without moving... I often give the staff a break or am rebuilding the hull and am forced into a ton of rocks and die XD;; I'd love if you could have a bonus or something where you wouldn't have to move when repairing/resting. This could also be used when you're on a big fish square and want to fish it twice~ Just a thought ^.^

Anyways~ it's really fun and cute so I recommend everyone jump on and get your strategies down before it gets launched for real~ Happy fishing ^.^

1) It's okay for me... I think there's nowhere else to put them

2) I think it would be great to show the scores during the game... Especially during training matches, because I have no idea if what I'm doing is good or bad and only seeing it at the end means I can only see the points on my final layout and not what I could have done differently while playing.

3) I just don't use the two towns view XD;;;

4) Not terribly, lol
5) On a desktop it works fine

6) N/A

7) This is super confusing for me... I'd rather always be on bottom, tbh, because my town is on the bottom of the screen (compared to my opponent who is displayed above) so I naturally look at the bottom row for my score.

Thanks so much for listening to our comments and concerns ^.^ You all rock~!

Happy Meeple community / Brave browser not supported?
« on: 18/10/18, 05:55pm »
Just like the title, I've been using Brave Browser but noticed that I can access the website but when I try to play a game it logs me out and tells me "log in after 45 seconds."

Is there a way to make the site compatible with this browser? Thanks so much~

Ooh~ I like the dimmed effects a lot more~ it's much less distracting and doesn't hurt my eyes ^.^ Thanks so much~ ^.^

I agree... I have my computer dimmed and the white light is still so bright and distracting it's giving me a headache... I admit I'm a little sensitive (hence the dimming and the use of blue light filters) so maybe I'm in the minority, but it really hurts my eyes and makes me not want to play...  :'(

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on new bonus cards
« on: 17/03/18, 12:26pm »
Am a little addicted to the cards, haha~ I love them~ But, sometimes the cards just have a number but no picture so idk what I got... not sure why, but it happens pretty often~ just an fyi ^.^

It probably shouldn't be counted as a victory for both players either, since those are two-player games. Just a draw. So if I'm on a streak and have 4 victories without a loss, after a draw, I'd still be at 4 victories without a loss.

This sounds great to me~ I hate when a streak gets broken like that T.T I don't mind getting zero points, either, but when I lose points it really stings, haha~

Oh wow! That was a long time ago T.T Maybe if a lot of people comment, he'll see it? ^.^

Hi there~

I was just wondering if it would be possible to change this? It's always kind of lame when a winning streak or a quest or something is ruined because of a draw... Wouldn't it be nicer if it counted as null or positively for each player? Maybe I'm in the minority, though~ it's just a thought ^.^

Thanks~! :'(

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on new bonus cards
« on: 23/02/18, 05:49pm »
I also didn't know that you had to click it again until after I had gotten a couple of cards... then I just happened to click it a second time and when I saw it disappear, I figured that I had missed out on a couple of cards from not doing that previously... but other than that, I like the new lucky card feature ^.^ Maybe if there was a banner above it explaining, it would be easier?

Happy Meeple community / Re: We need admins
« on: 10/02/18, 03:57pm »
I'd love to help out ^.^ I've seen some rude messages and wanted to delete them but couldn't, so I'd be happy to keep everything friendly and give tips if I can~ ^.^

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