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Obviously, both card fields are visible - your own at the bottom, the opponent's upper half!

World, castle, market... / Re: Place improvement later
« on: 05/07/23, 04:29am »
Mary, I have a red blinking number in the head of the side on my world symbol (between the castle and gold-coins). When I click on it my personal world appears and I am automatically prompt to place the "improvement" on the map. It's already sticking on the coursor.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on the Daily Meeple
« on: 01/03/23, 03:32am »
I find the Daily Meeple great but I have one point that bothers me:
When I log in after several hours the status messages from my friends appear in green. I see two messages and conclude there are only two new messages because the third row is free (beside the forum messages are in three rows). Only after I expand the Daily Meeple area I can see there are more new messages. Cause my friends are important for me I'm interrested in their success - so I have to check/expand the Daily Meeple area quite often.
Maybe the messages could display in more rows so I can see the two new messages/rows are not everything or there is a counter for all new messages or "..." to indicate there are more.

Another thing: May it be added, when a friend overtake the first place in the world ranking list or achieve a new all-time high? For information from others (and honor to yourself...).

Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 15/01/23, 08:47am »
Congratulation Masteur and Jeff W.! Masteur missed only one field for the "12th" diagonal. I always wanted to know if there are additional points above from all eleven diagonals!
Now I know it ...   ;D

Cartographers / Re: Best Borderlands
« on: 10/10/22, 04:57pm »
Great! Now You'r the second player over 200 points!

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 30/08/22, 02:00am »
I just found a bonus/lucky card with 10 pieces of wood - thanks Happy Meeple!  :D
In the beginning I figured out (with help from others) that with a Grocery (6 pieces of wood) one's able to buy food in units smaller than 4 - a single food portion. (Not that a game will be cheaper itself.) I rarely have used this because mostly I can wait a few minutes until the counter reached zero and gave me a new unit or I took 38 coins at once.

What I really would enjoy: When it's been possible to buy magic food in portions smaller than one day! For example half a day or eight hours or four hours (or even smaller).
I rarely have time to play 24 hours at a strech (only when I got my first magic potion "1 day"-lucky card  ;D) so it would be really nice to use a grocery to buy small(er) units of magic potion for a few hours "excessive" play of single player games or a bunch of 'expensive' games (e.g. Carto).

Thanks for all the great games here!

Cartographers / Re: Wall of shame
« on: 19/06/22, 10:48am »
I put it twice in one match against a rock - althought it was edict B: Immediately in the second move and then in the second season. Really unconcentrated and now ashamed!

(this will stop your current main window)

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Statistics and high scores
« on: 10/02/22, 03:21pm »
Many thanks for Your answers and explanations!

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Statistics and high scores
« on: 10/02/22, 02:15pm »
Dear Jimmy and team,

thank You very much for this extensive new statistics. It took a while to explore them and I'm yet not thru. They are very interesting and helpful - when I first started here I wished to become a feeling how strong the players are in the games. Under magic potion I could have a look in their profile-statistics but it was laborious to scroll thru the best rated players. And now I could see an up to now unknown leading player!

A few comments:
• I noticed that there are trainig matches included in the top rated list (e.g. in Raging Bulls).
• In Circle The Wagons dominates Verboten the whole top rated list! Maybe it'll be good to show only the best match of each player, although then the humans don't will be get the appreciation they deserve.
• I am a little bit confused about the sorting order of the "latest top rated matches": Is this chronological? Because (e.g.) in Level X there is a 1928 rating between several eighteenhundreds. The dates are only given in months/years.
• In Level X the highest rating range group in the average scores includes over 18000 matches! Is it possible to subclassify them further? Although in Cartographers the highest group is "> 1900" even Gary S. just break the 2400 score points threshold! And e.g. in Raging Bulls the highest range group has over 2500 matches. Would it cost too much computing power changing this?
• Last but not least: I wondered when I changed to the new statistics that there not opened a new browser tab like in the callenges-ranking lists of Ranging Bulls - when I closed the tab Happy Meeple was gone ... Maybe it's why there is the ability to replay the matches?

Again thank You very much - nice job!

Cartographers / Re: Best Borderlands
« on: 19/01/22, 06:22pm »
78 points / 13 lines:

You choose a bull shed but the 5 is missing to complete the shed. Feel free to ask me about Raging Bulls.

Cartographers / Re: Display issue with score
« on: 12/12/21, 09:20pm »
Hello Jimmy, Sabine M. had a similarly problem. You may scroll up in the inn-chat (10.12. 2.52 p.m., in German).

Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 21/10/21, 01:33am »
finally accomplished the 11th diagonal   ;D

Hi Jimmy,
I hadn't have a look at the ranking like normally because I'm not playing Hanamikoji or HexRoller so I couldn't join the daily quests but the points for each day changed: On Friday (1.10.) 15 points, Saturday 12, Sunday 18 points. So if nobody else report something You may perhaps retrace it via log files.

Hi, I've now over 5000 King's favours (Majestätspunkte) and don't know what to do with them. I like my houses and gardens as they are (don't like golden roofs). Like Alex B. wrote please implement the ability to configure/upgrade the castle as well. Or a ship in the water. Or additional buildings, perhaps a lighthouse or a windmill. Or beach chairs, or (Raging Bull-) sheeps ...

Another thing: May you please it possible to configure the ground of empty fields like them from houses? I'd like to "floor" my market place  :D

Thanks for this nice personal world maps and your endeavours.

UPDATE 18.09.2022:
I've now exact 10.000 King's favours (crowns)!! Still don't know what to do with them ...
I wish a big castle or animals for the sheeds behind the houses or a habour or a swamill for the surrounding wood! please...
Of course I'd help testing it  ;D

2nd UPDATE 17.08.2023:
Again 11 months later, again 5000 King's favours more (15.001 crowns).
Too bad that nothing was improved, new created.   :'(
Still would testing it ...  :)

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