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It's especially frustrating when you thought you were winning, experienced some slow down of internet connection (perhaps just on Happy Meeple : sometimes I can tell all my windows/websites are slow, sometimes it's all good except HM), slow down to which HM is very sensitive and you get disconnected from the game (whereas on other websites, you can close your browser, restart your computer, go grab a tea and stop at the toilets, if you're back within 2min the game goes on without problem).

You're not only penalised in that you don't get to see the end of your game, but you are also given an Elo/defeat penalty. Which also interrupts your win series.

And nobody had their game ruined, because your opponent was a bot who doesn't care.

Long story short, yeah. Happy Meeple, it would be awesome if you stopped penalising players who interrupt games against bots.

Normally I just play games and don’t hang out much on the forums. But this is certainly reaction-inducing.

Let me just try to summarise and check, as there are some elements that I extrapolated from the conversation and that were not explicit (somebody corrects me if/where I’m wrong).

A presumably long-time user, if we take it that the number of posts correlates well with time spent on Happy Meeple, does the (once ?) usual thing to keep the chat nice and healthy while the admins are not there. Alex B. clearly wasn’t forced to do it, but he(?) chose to do it, to be nice.

Then a presumably less experienced user endowed with moderation powers gives him a ban with no warning nor explanation.

And when Alex asks for an explanation, the same admin issues a reply that is condescending, borderline insulting and completely misses the points, i.e. that Alex’s action was both well-meaning and in line with site policy.

Finally, a senior admin intervenes and it appears the junior admin was given power to do things that potentially cannot be undone ? (A weird concept to me, when it comes to a computer-related thing like a website account. Surely, the person who coded this website can always open the bonnet and manually change a variable, no ? I’m no programmer, so I don't know, but it sounds weird to me.)

This is a poor level of community management and moderation. I wholly second the messages of Brian S. and Marlene H. above.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Feature requests
« on: 08/05/19, 04:56pm »

If this is a relevant place for this, I would add all things related to ways to terminate a game early.
- Automatic, no penalty, if playing against a bot (they won't get frustrated if their human opponents has to leave midway through a game).
- By bilateral agreement if playing against another human.
Also :
- better stability for game (so that a temporary slow down of the connection does not cost the game)
- no penalty when game crashed/interrupted for technical reasons.

I'll add one more voice for the draw not to count as defeat and break winning streaks.

From a game design point of view, it is nearly kind of sad that a 2p-game can have draws (there should be tie-breakers), but the games are what they are. Now, draws should be neutral. It's not defeat, but it's not victory.

Tutorial, training, online play / Re: Forfeit Option
« on: 16/04/19, 02:05pm »
+1 (or rather +10) to the request above.
Seriously, why are we locked in a game once it starts ?

Currently I'm kind of into Keltis Card, and sometimes the start of the game is sooo bad that honestly, all I want to do is say "ok gg, I concede". I know, I know, sometimes if you suffer through a horrible start, you may still end up doing very well. I've won at least once with no wishing stones. But that does not mean I want to suffer through it.

@Jeremy : perhaps you don't want people "forfeiting on you", but what if your opponent is no longer having fun ? Sure, there's your fun lost as well. And I think the board game etiquette IRL is generally to finish games (although it would depend on the particular situation). But there should be the option to "propose to end the game". So that it's bilateral. If both players agree, they can stop.

I'd like to point out that I play >90% of my games against bots. I don't know the stats on the website, but it should certainly be possible to unilaterally stop a game against a bot.

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