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Keltis the card game / FAQ - Keltis the card game rules
« on: 12/01/16, 01:40pm »
Keltis the card game rules
Frequently asked questions for the Keltis the card game:

In the end phase, are you allowed to collect wishing stones?
No you can only lay cards on paths.

When you end the 5th path, are you allowed to draw a card before the end phase? 
Ending the 5th path triggers the end game immediately. You don't draw any card before the end phase.

Migrato / FAQ - Migrato rules
« on: 12/01/16, 01:40pm »
Migrato rules
Frequenty asked questions about the Migrato game:

When does the game end?
The game ends when each type of bird has arrived at least once.
If 3 types of bird arrived in player 1's side and the 2 other types arrived in player 2's side, then the game ends immediately.

How do you I recognize the different types of bird?
For beginners to the game, It is normal to have trouble differentiating the birds. After a few games, they will become your friends and you will be a bird expert.
In the meantime, look at the background of the cards. Each specie has a different background.
You can also leave your mouse for a few seconds on the cards or on the arrival zones. A text will appear to let you know what bird it is and its specificities in the game.
Another great way to get information is to have a look at the summary sheet. Click on the green "?" icon during a game! This sheet is also available from the Migrato rules page.

Finito / FAQ - Finito rules
« on: 12/01/16, 01:38pm »
Finito rules
Frequently asked questions for the game Finito:

Lost Cities / FAQ - Lost Cities rules
« on: 12/01/16, 01:37pm »
Lost Cities rules
Frequent asked questions about Lost Cities rules:

When do you get a bonus?
When an expedition has 8 cards or more. The bonus is not multiplied by the investment ($) cards.

How do investment cards work?
The more investement ($) cards there is in an expedition, the more risky it is.
You must play the $ cards before any other cards. Once you have played a number card, you cannot place a $ in that expedition any more.
If you have 1 $ card, it doubles (x2) the points for the expedition.
If you have 2 $ cards, points are tripled (x3) for the expedition.
If you have 3 $ cards, points are quadrupled (x4) for the expedition.
Of course, your score is multiplied even if it is negative.

Tutorial, training, online play / FAQ - Online play
« on: 12/01/16, 01:29pm »
Frequently asked questions about online play:

What is the time limit for online play?
Against other player, The time limit is 2 minutes per move.
Against a bot, the time limit is 10 minutes per move.

How do I play against a friend?
It is quick and easy.
You need to go to the inn. Open a new table from there. Then select the option to limit the table to your friend. You will see a little keyhole on the table. Only your friend will be able to access it.
Then there are two options:
1) Your friend has access to the inn. He can join the table by clicking the "Join" button.
2) Your friend does not have access to the table in the inn yet (he has no account yet or does not have any meeple or does not have the white meeple for that game). Then you need to share a link to the table with him. Read more here.

Tutorial, training, online play / FAQ - Training mode
« on: 12/01/16, 01:27pm »
Frequently asked questions about the training mode:

Is there a time limit in training mode?
There is no time limit per move in training move as such. However if you are seen as inactive for a long time (more than 30 minutes), you will be logged out of Happy Meeple and you will not be able to finish the game. It is not a big problem though as training games do not count for rating anyway. There is not real consequence.

Do games count for rating in training mode?
No they don't. That's why it is called a training mode. :)

Tutorial, training, online play / FAQ - Tutorials
« on: 12/01/16, 01:26pm »
Frequently asked questions about the tutorials:

Can I skip the tutorial?
You can skip the explanations by clicking on the button "Skip the tutorial", but you will still need to complete the game to get the white meeple (you need the white meeple to play online, it is like a permit acknowledging that you know how to play the game).
If you want to play online without playing the tutorial, ask a friend to invite you to his table by sharing a link with you. To do so, he must go to the inn, open a table and get the link from there. When you click on the link, it will bypass the white meeple requirement. You will be able to play with your friend immediately.

This is an example post about a game called Ticket to ride (that I personally recommend strongly for families).

Other board games / [Dominion]
« on: 12/01/16, 12:33pm »
Dominion is a popular game by Donald X. Vaccarino released in 2008. It inaugurated the genre "Deck-building" where players repeatedly buy new cards to add to their deck.

On each turn, players draw 5 cards from their deck and play them. After a few rounds, the player's deck is empty. All his cards are then reshuffled (including the previously purchased ones). This way, the player steadily builds his deck (representing his kingdom) which becomes more and more powerful as the game progresses.

I personally recommend strongly Dominion. There has been many spin-offs since Dominion was released but it is still considered as the best "deck-building" game by many. It has many expansions which helps in that regard too.

Other board games / About this sub-forum
« on: 12/01/16, 12:30pm »
In this sub-forum, you are welcome to discuss about any board game that is not available on Happy Meeple.

We also welcome board game reviews. So feel free to post your thoughts!

Please label the title of your message with the name of the game into brackets!
Like this:
[Dominion] Do you like it?

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