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Other board games / [The game] Review
« on: 24/01/16, 11:32am »
I just played "The game" as few times and this short review will inaugurate this "Other board games" topic. Happy Meeple is a place to discover the board game hobby and board game recommendations and reviews are thus a good fit. I sincerely hope to read plenty of reviews from our Happy Meeple players.

"The game" is actually the name of the game, a fact which understandingly was critized by many. How can you name a game "The game"? You should not stop on this though, cause "The game" is actually a worthy game. It was one of the 3 contenders for the most important award in the board game hobby, the Spiel des Jahres (game of the year in Germany).

"The game" is played cooperatively but it can also be played alone. This is not very surprizing as it basically has the feel of a solitaire game: you try to play as many cards as you can until you are blocked. The fewer cards remain in the deck (and in your hands) at the end of the game, the better it is. It is probably possible to play all cards, so reach the perfect score of 0. But it must be a really good achievement.

There are 98 active cards in the deck numbered from 2 to 99. On their turn, players play 2 cards in 4 columns. 2 columns can only go upwards (starting at 1) while the other 2 can only go downwards (starting at 100). There is only one exception to the ordering rule, you can go backwards by exactly 10. So on an ascending column, you could play 34 after 44.

The closer you get to the end, the harder it gets to play useful cards and you'll frequently be facing tough decisions (but we know tough decisions are fun).

Also noticeable is the fact that players are allowed to communicate. Not completely though, you are not allowed to tell the exact numbers that you have in your hand. You can say things like "I would not like you to play here" or you can play here but only if the gap is small". This rule is a bit of a grey area but it works fine.

So in essence, "The game" is a solitaire that you play together with other players, while talking to them! What's not to like?

Overall, I really liked this game. If you are into patience (UK word) or solitaire (US word), you should definitely try it. I suspect though that even if you have no affinity with this kind of games, you may fall in love with "The game". Like for Hanabi, another game in the genre than I strongly recommend, I can see players playing it over and over again trying to improve their score. And there IS plenty of scope for improvement. After playing 4 games, I can feel that there is hidden depth that I need to discover.

I hope you will like this first review. Have you played this game? Did you like it? Let us know your thoughts!

Happy Meeple community / Just updated the icons
« on: 23/01/16, 06:23pm »
The icons of the main board are bigger. How do you like that?


Happy Meeple community / Vote for Happy Meeple!
« on: 15/01/16, 10:15am »
Don't forget to vote for Happy Meeple!
It is very important for the development of the platform.

We are currently #10. It is already a great result. But we feel that our great community can do even better!
Let's see how far we can go!

Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 12/01/16, 03:16pm »
Hello all,

My name is Nicolas Guibert. I have been running this platform since it was launched. You probably know me better under the name Jimmy V.

I am a French engineer. I currently live in London and work full-time on Happy Meeple. I am married and have two wonderful kids that love board games (they had no choice really :) )

I have been playing games for all my life. For a long period, I played international draughts (not the 8x8 variant, the 10x10 one!) in competition. I got lucky enough to become France champion in 1999. That was the peak of my career. I never managed to get close to this result again.

In 1998, I started to develop a 10x10 draughts-playing program. I organized the first man-machine match in the discipline in 2001 againt world #8.  My program lost narrowly but took its revenge convincingly in 2003. The idea of course was to play against the world champion some day, but I turned into other things and the adventure stopped there.

I stopped my draughts career and then delved into Poker and Backgammon. That's where I started loving lady luck. Don't get me wrong! Purely abstract games like Draughts, Chess or Go are wonderful, but they are very harsh. The best player always wins!

My gaming career then met the board gaming hobby. I am a big board game fan ever since. That's what led me to start Happy Meeple, a project that puts my AI skills to good use.The project has been a huge one, a never finished one, with an endless to-do list too. Sadly, since I started working on Happy Meeple, I have had less time for playing. But I still follow the board gaming news quite extensively and buy too many board games.  ;)

I look forward to reading about you, Happy Meeple friends!

My favorite board games:
Party games: Time's Up, Codenames, Linq
Family games: Carcassonne, Lost Cities, Hey that's my fish!, Cacao
Expert games: Deus, Dominion, Race for the galaxy

Happy Meeple community / Introduce yourself!
« on: 12/01/16, 03:12pm »
Happy Meeple is proud of its community.
It is nice to know each other. Feel free to introduce yourself below!
Don't forget to let us know about your favorite games!

Français / Bienvenue aux francophones !
« on: 12/01/16, 03:05pm »
Bonjour aux francophones !

Si vous ne maîtrisez pas l'anglais, ce forum est fait pour vous.

Néanmoins, la langue principale du forum reste l'anglais et nous vous invitons donc à poster dans le forum principal (en anglais) si vous le pouvez.

Amusez-vous bien !

Gold, Magic potion / FAQ - Gold
« on: 12/01/16, 02:47pm »
Frequently asked questions about gold purchase:

What can I do with gold coins?
First, you can unlock some bots. You don't need to though. They unlock automatically as your online rating goes up. If you can't wait or if you can't get a good enough online rating, then you can unlock the remaining bots. This will allow you to complete the bot challenge (=beat all bots).
Then you can buy Magic Potion with gold. Magic Potion lets you play without food restriction (among other benefits). It is a bit like a subscription to Happy Meeple. If you like Happy Meeple and want to play more, please get Magic Potion!
Finally, gold coins allow you to buy resources (wood, bricks, stone) to build extra buildings (granaries, grocery, roads). These buildings improve your world and the quantity of food you produce and store. If you don't want to get Magic Potion, build these building, they will definitely help you.

What is the number of days indicated in the payment window?
It is magic potion that you can get with the purchase. Of course, you can use the gold coins to get resources. You don't have to spend them on magic potion.

Do I need to buy gold coins?
There are many way to earn gold coins and many more ways to earn gold. You don't need to buy gold coins. However, if you want to play more, a few extra coins can be very helpful.

What payment method should I use?
Paypal is very popular with our players. However if you are looking for a specific way of purchasing gold coins, then Paymentwall is the way to go. They offer many many options like prepaid cards or mobile payment.

About our payment methods

Rankings, meeples and achievements / FAQ - Rankings
« on: 12/01/16, 02:34pm »
About the meeple grades
About the ranking system
About the play modes

Earn more gold

Frequently asked questions about rankings:

Do training games count for rating?
No they don't. Only online games count.

How does the rating system work?
The rating system is based on the ELO system (the same used by many federations like Chess, Rugby, etc.).
The higher your rating, the better.
If you play a strong opponent, the system expects you to lose often and you will lost fewer points if you lose the game. On the opposite, if you win against this strong opponent, you will win many points.
This generates an equilibrium. The higher your ranking, the harder it is to keep.
It is a brilliant system.

The game ended in a draw, but I lost points in the rating system. Why?
In this case, your opponent had a lower rating than you before the game. He was weaker than you. He performed well by drawing against you and he is rewarded. Similarly, you performed not so well and lost a few points (usually not much).

Will my rating go up if I play a lot?
By playing a lot, you will probably make progress and this will show in your rating.
However playing a lot is not in itself a guarantee. No points are awarded for playing. Points are awarded for making good performance, performance that is better that what your current rating suggests.

I don't want to play against weaker opponents because I may lose a lot of points. Is that right?
Indeed you risk losing a lot of points if you lose against a low rated player. But the system is all about odds. The odds of this happening is low and most of the time, you will win a few points rather then lose a lot.
A weak opponent should not be feared.

World, castle, market... / FAQ - World
« on: 12/01/16, 02:30pm »
What is the Happy Meeple world?

Frequently asked questions about the Happy Meeple world:

Gold, Magic potion / FAQ - Magic potion
« on: 12/01/16, 02:27pm »
What is magic potion?

Frequently asked questions about magic potion:

What happens to granaries and roads when I have Magic Potion?
Granaries and roads are not useful any more when you have unlimited food (with Magic Potion).
These buildings do not age when you have Magic Potion. When your Magic Potion expires you will get access to them again as if time had been frozen.
In the meantime, granaries and roads are nice ways to customize your world and so even if they are not useful with Magic Potion, they do add a lot of flavour to your world. And it is always very nice to see.

Keltis Ór / FAQ - Keltis Ór rules
« on: 12/01/16, 01:43pm »
Keltis Ór rules
Frequently asked questions for the Keltis Ór game:

Siberia the card game rules
Frequently asked questions for Sibera the card game:

Level X / FAQ - Level X rules
« on: 12/01/16, 01:41pm »
Level X rules
Frequently asked questions for Level X game:

Why does the game sometimes end unexpectedly?
The game normally ends when 3 rows are empty, but it can also end when the 4 bonus tokens have been given.

Keltis the card game / FAQ - Keltis the card game rules
« on: 12/01/16, 01:40pm »
Keltis the card game rules
Frequently asked questions for the Keltis the card game:

In the end phase, are you allowed to collect wishing stones?
No you can only lay cards on paths.

When you end the 5th path, are you allowed to draw a card before the end phase? 
Ending the 5th path triggers the end game immediately. You don't draw any card before the end phase.

Migrato / FAQ - Migrato rules
« on: 12/01/16, 01:40pm »
Migrato rules
Frequenty asked questions about the Migrato game:

When does the game end?
The game ends when each type of bird has arrived at least once.
If 3 types of bird arrived in player 1's side and the 2 other types arrived in player 2's side, then the game ends immediately.

How do you I recognize the different types of bird?
For beginners to the game, It is normal to have trouble differentiating the birds. After a few games, they will become your friends and you will be a bird expert.
In the meantime, look at the background of the cards. Each specie has a different background.
You can also leave your mouse for a few seconds on the cards or on the arrival zones. A text will appear to let you know what bird it is and its specificities in the game.
Another great way to get information is to have a look at the summary sheet. Click on the green "?" icon during a game! This sheet is also available from the Migrato rules page.

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