Author Topic: Non-existing bugs?  (Read 8141 times)

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Non-existing bugs?
« on: 11/01/18, 03:21pm »
In the last month, we saw many bug reports in the inn chat. I have had a look at some of the complaints but none of them so far led to a bug. From our point of view everything seems normal.

Here are a few cases:

1) Some players reported that successive wins streaks were not counted properly. In both cases we looked at the players had lost a game (or even 2) in the middle of their series. Obviously it broke the series. That's the whole point of the achievement: trying to win games in succession without a loss and without a draw.

2) Some players thought that some wins against bots were not recorded. We checked this thoroughly and there is no major discrepancy between the results in the match table and the totals recorded in a separate table for that purpose. So in our opinion, again, everything is working fine.
There are 2 reasons why you may think counts are wrong. The first one has to do with the achievements page. The label over medals only displayed the texts "1 win", "3 wins", "6 wins" when what was actually meant was "at least 1 win", "at least 3 wins", "at least 6 wins". We improved this a few days ago. The labels now display ">=1 win", ">=3 wins", ">=6 wins" on the medal and we also display the exact number below the medal. Hopefully this will clarify it all. The second reason why you may think something is wrong is Daily Quest.

Regarding Daily Quests, bear in mind that every time we ask for a number of games or number of opponents, we mean different games and different opponents. If you beat the same bot twice, it will only count as once for that purpose. We believe many false impressions are due to this.

I hope this clarifies the issue. It is still possible that there are bugs somewhere and we don't want to discourage you. Please keep reporting bugs! (it is better to report them in the forum or via the contact form so that we don't miss them.)

Have fun!