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I just completed a game with a bot.  It ended in a draw.
I began the game with a 1517 rating vs his 1521.
Because his rating was slightly higher than mine, I received a +0.1 reward for my effort.

However, my new "upgraded" rating is now listed as 1516!

I do realize that my initial rating must have been rounded up from 1516.xx.  But for it to round up to 1517, it had to have been at least 1516.5.
So how in the world would the new (at minimum) 1516.6 round down to 1516?

Obviously this is a pretty insignificant matter, and I have no major or minor concerns about it.  But I do have an abiding curiosity as to how in the world this could happen.
If you have a bit of free time on your hands, or are bored and looking for a puzzle, it would give me great pleasure to understand the obscure and obviously magical formula that could lead to these results.

Thank you for your time and attention. 

Cartographers / Re: Wall of shame
« on: 18/11/20, 11:17pm »
Multiple times.

I learn, then a couple days later I'm studying the board for the best move I can find, suddenly the clock is flashing red, and out of the corner of my eye, I see a great place.

Then I watch in horror as my Great City score drop to zero.


I came here for Cartographers, but Glastonbury is growing  on me - it's a neat little game.

Glastonbury is a fine game.  I've played and enjoyed it many times.

But these days I am intrigued (seduced/obsessed/driven to the brink of insanity) by Cartographers and want to play that.
Given they are both pretty expensive games, it's horribly disappointing to end up in the wrong one, and have all your food knocked to smithereens.

Probably if it weren't for the fact that we have to have food to be able to play, then it wouldn't make much difference whether I landed in a Glastonbury by mistake.  I'd just play the Glaston and then play Carto next.

But when it means I probably can't play the game I want for an hour, or the rest of the night, if its late.  Then it matters a whole lot.

I realize HM is using the cover design from the games.  But maybe it would be possible to make the Glaston color a bit lighter, and the Carto color a bit darker.    Something so they are not so much alike.
Or maybe if the colors can't be changed, a warning pops up telling the person this is Glaston.  Is this the game you want?  (or Carto in case someone prefers Glaston)

This is the second time I joined a Glastonbury by mistake. 

I enter the Inn see an open table for what on first glance looks like Cartographers.  I jump in as quickly as I can, because once the Europeans log out for the night, it's very hard to get a game.

I jump in and discover I have just wasted 10 food on a game I don't want to play.  My food is so low, that even if I go view an ad, I still won't have enough food for the game I want.

As I said, this is the second time it has happened to me.  I am frustrated.  There is nothing I can do here that I want to do.
So I have to leave.

Very discouraging.

Thanks for your quick response, and your explanation.
Your explanation does make sense.  I was soooo baffled when I saw that!

I did screen shot it.  But the site won't take my screen shot because the file is too big.  I don't know how to make it small enough to upload.  My file in a png file.   Would it get smaller if I just saved it as some other kind of format?
(meaning, if I "re-saved as" to a different file type?  - and if so, what file type would be small enough?)

Around 4:00 AM NE US time, I went to the Inn and saw what appeared to be someone playing Hanamikoji against themself.

Mocha Y. was playing vs Mocha Y.

How in the world can this happen??

I attempted to attach a screenshot, but it might have been too large a file.   
I don't know how to reduce it.  If someone can instruct me how to make my png file fit, or how to convert it to something that will fit, I would much appreciate it.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Restrict tables by rating
« on: 15/10/20, 03:42am »
I like the idea of being able to select a range, or a minimum or maximum score.  The minimum would be very helpful for some of the daily quests. 
But I think the minimums should apply to bots as well. 
There have been times I was trying to complete a daily quest that had a minimum, and I ended up with a bot way below my level and below the minimum required for the quest. 
That's really annoying.

I think that might be more of a problem for US players, because once the Europeans log off for the night, there are usually less humans available.

World, castle, market... / Re: Customize the castle?
« on: 24/07/20, 04:50am »

While I am temporarily famous   

You gave me a big grin. 
So I'm sending one back to you.

I have to agree with Alex.   It has been a long standing practice that when someone goes off the deep end and fills the chat with vulgarity or hateful comments, numerous members have taken it upon themselves to clean up the chat by bumping the offending comments up and out of view. 

I personally appreciate it when a member does this, because when I come here for a visit, I prefer not to be assaulted by offensive chat.  Any time I see the jibberish bumps, I feel like the community is looking out for each other.   
I can't believe that anyone wants to come here to be assaulted by vulgarity and hate.

I'm horrified to hear that Alex has been banned for protecting the rest of us from a horribly enturbulating visit.

Please reconsider his ban.

Also - please be clear on what the official policy is. 

Are we to understand that if someone has gone off the rails in chat, that the rest of us have to sit by helplessly and put up with this garbage?  That stuff can sit out there for quite a long time before an admin notices and does something about it.

If I were at a party, and someone had too much to drink and the host or hostess did nothing to handle the situation, I certainly would not sit around putting up with that.  I tend to think of this site as similar to being at a casual party.  I really will not want to be here either, if admin is not only not cleaning up the chat, but is punishing community members who attempt to take what little corrective measures are available to the general community.

So, more senior admin - please clarify this issue.

Alex, you have my full sympathies for your predicament. 

Further, you have my respect and gratitude for trying to make this a more pleasant environment for all of us.
Thank you.

Or a a way to find a particular person's posts?

I just tried to search on my name, but it only brought up posts where someone had used my name in a post.  It did not bring up any posts I had previously made.

Thanks Brian.
That helps a lot.

I misunderstood what the stars meant.  I thought more stars meant you could earn more stars from those challenges.  Turns out that's just the opposite of what it meant.

Thanks to your kind explanation, I now have a new Meeple.   :)

Stars are gained in training.

Sometimes they are.
Sometimes they aren't.

That's what confusing.

Raging Bulls / How do we gain Meeples in Raging Bull?
« on: 16/06/20, 03:28am »
I see the thing where it say x/y = next meeple.
But I can't find a way to consistently change x.

I just had a draw against an oppo who was slightly higher ranked than I was.
I gained +0.01 points
I began the match at 1695.
After "gaining" 0.01 points, my new rating dropped to 1694.
I tried to attach a screenshot, but got an error.  It says my file size is too large, and I don't remember how to reduce files.

I do understand that the rating points are rounded, and sometimes a rating we see is rounded up.  So I realize that my starting 1695 might have actually been something like 1694.5, or 1694.6 ...etc all the way up to 1694.9

But what I don't understand is how in the world can I add to that original rating and it ends up rounding lower???

Say I was the bare minimum to round up of 1694.5, after the game it would be 1694.6.
1694.6  should still round up to 1695.

Why did the game suddenly round down?

Siberia the card game / Re: Siberia Deck Makeup
« on: 20/05/20, 05:23pm »
Thanks for the clarification. 

I did not realize that you were using a plural "you".  I thought it was singular.  So the 10 workers did not make sense.  But given you meant all of the spots on the board.  Now it does.

Once again, thanks for the clarification.   :D

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