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Jimmy V.:

--- Quote from: Chris H. on 27/06/17, 03:58pm ---Is it Hanamikoji?

--- End quote ---


We have a winner.

Our next game will be HANAMIKOJI, a game that has received great reviews all over the world and great marks on Boardgamegeek too.

Hanamikoji on Boardgamegeek

Hanamikoji review by As a board gamer

Congratulations Chris, you can play without limit until the 28th of July. You have also been credited 500 gold coins.

Thanks to everyone who took part.

Chris H.:
Thanks! Looking forward to the new game! :)

Mike Y.:
is the new game GWENT ?

Mike Y.:
is it called Dominion ?

Jimmy V.:
The answer was already given above.

The game is coming very soon now... :)

I only need to tweak the bots.


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