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I backed it, looking forward to it :) Hope to see the extra content here as well!

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Restrict tables by rating
« on: 17/10/20, 09:54pm »
A known issue on some sites is that some players only want to play stronger players, so they would pick their own rank as a minimum. It may be less of an issue here, but that's a benefit with requiring the range to be symmetric (i.e. players who are +/- x00 points). Within 100, 300 and 500 (or no restriction) should cover most of the common cases and makes it easy to use.

It would definitely be a useful feature. I came here just to play Cartographers, and I'm pretty strong at the game. Some nights I just don't feel like playing a complete or almost beginner, especially since some players can be pretty slow.

Cartographers / Re: Updates on Cartographers
« on: 14/10/20, 06:35pm »
You are right, opponent will get the coin if you surround their mountain. So don't do that (unless you are forced to or if you want to block them).

Have you thought about offering a few of the scoring cards from Heroes as a preview in the web interface here? It would offer some more variation and perhaps open the eyes for more people to the Kickstarter.

Cartographers / Re: Updates on Cartographers
« on: 11/10/20, 06:13am »
Great updates so far! :)

It seems taken coins on the opponent's map are not update correctly. Also, the app has a useful feature where possible placements are highlighted. It could help reduce confusion here as well. The buttons for speeding up animations were a bit tricky to find, but very useful!

I know that some people care about fidelity in implementation, but for an online UI it would also save time if Ruins cards were never actually shown, only that I need to place the next tile on a ruin (for card-counters it could still show whether one or two cards were drawn as an icon).

Also, I found the meta-game super confusing (remember something similar from bsw several years ago)... two games of Cartographers (wins) and I still have to find a way to refill food every time. Honestly I wouldn't mind paying, but with the current system it just adds a lot of clicks that I can't just buy 'reserve food' directly, and get rid of the cap of 20.

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers feedback
« on: 07/10/20, 06:44am »
Monsters don't seem to consistently come up in any order so I take that back.

Cartographers / Re: Cartographers feedback
« on: 06/10/20, 11:20pm »
First of all, thanks for the implementation. I found it through the Kickstarter page!

Feedback: Faster scoring (an option to remove all animations). No splitting screens for the new cards, just show them in a corner (I never need to see the screen called ?). An option to place tiles with clicks only as in the app.

I've played 100+ games in the app and I still really like that you offer the multiplayer experience here. It is a quite different game compared to solo.

Also wondering if you are always bringing the monsters into the deck in the same order. You may not. I haven't played enough games that I can tell.

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