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Happy Meeple community / Conventions!!!
« on: 11/12/19, 05:36pm »
So I just returned from PAX unplugged a pretty big convention in Philadelphia in the US.  Did anyone else attend?  Although my con attendance is limited would there be any interest in having an opportunity for Happy Meeple folks catch up in person?

It might be fun to put a name to a game ID?

Circle The Wagons / Potential timer bug?
« on: 07/12/18, 06:48pm »
Greetings!  I'm loving the new game!

I did notice during my match today w Daniel I., that it appeared during the scoring phase, the timer kept counting down on him.  In most of the other games the scoring happens immediately and no big deal.

CtW is such a brain burner, I see myself and opponents using up alot of our allotted time to plan moves.

Daniel was down to 10? seconds and then the scoring occurred and while I was very interested in the scoring, it appeared that the timer was still counting down and got down to 4.  It would be a shame for a player to lose a game if their time ran out DURING the scoring phase.

I'd be glad to run down some test scenarios with an admin to see if the behavior I thought I observed was actually occurring and COULD impact a player.  (It should be pretty easy to re-create)

Keltis the card game / New screen with ad
« on: 20/04/17, 04:10pm »
Here's a strip of my screen so you can see the blank space.  I think that blank on the right is what makes everything see smaller.

How about the ability to customize the trees in the town to decorated Christmas trees ?  or maybe even flashing lights on the houses? 

I could even see this as being different for each holiday.  Just an idea, but it might make it a bit of fun for all.

P.S.  You could could even run a contest for each country to submit a holiday for decorations.

Level X / Level X errors.
« on: 19/09/16, 09:20am »
I'm not sure if anyone else is having problems with Level X, but here are some screen shots.

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