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Right, I finally get this clue!  ;D I thought it was a mistype, or my english limitation. Ok, now I get it...  ;)

Congratulations Choosen One!  ;D

Is it a sequel or an adaptation of another game? (like hanamikoji for example, which is a card adaptation of the board game, or like "keltis or")

Are there several types of resources to collect?
(Like in "Keltis or", to the contrary to "Hanakimoji" or "Lost cities" for example)

To summarize the clues :

_Released in the last 5 years
_Card-only game (no dices etc.)
_2-players only
_Include set collection ("sometimes")
_Strategic (more than game)
_Not released in France
_No card drafting, No path cards

_No Mythical theme
_No physical violence theme, or very little (war, mafia...)
_Award game
_Scorekeeping/point counting, (maybe possible above 100pts)
_Less than 500 rating on BGG
_Minimum age : below 10
_Historical theme. But not a strong one.
_Several designers
_NOT a known game author (Not a Reiner Knizia for example...!)
_New editor an happymeeple

Games already proposed :

_Tides of Time
_7 Wonders Duel
_ Throne and the Grail

Are there "path cards", like in "saboteur" for example?

Did the game win any award?
(Est-ce que le jeu a gagné un prix quelconque? : Je vois qu'on peut parler en français!  :P)

Tides of Time ?


Is there already a game of the same editor on happy meeple?

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