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Migrato / Re: One Dickens of a game
« on: 20/06/16, 05:54am »
It really took a few games for me to even halfway get the hang of how to play this.  While the rules are simple enough, I was flubbing them up. And then it still took a while to learn not to totally blow it.  And finally I won a game, I'm sure against a low level bot.  I'm doing a little better now.  (It also helps that I'm starting to recognize the birds better, mostly by the landscape part of the picture.)

In fact, when I first played it, I totally expected it to be my least favorite game and one I would probably not pursue.  It's not exactly my favorite, but it tends to draw me through this sort of "I'm going to conquer you whether you like it or not" attitude I took. LOL.

I agree wholeheartedly about the teal.

I'm not that concerned about the discard pile. I'm not very good at counting or memorizing cards.  I half notice the last thing placed on it, but I think at this stage I am still paying a bit more attention to other things and just trying to get the hang of it to pay as much attention to that.  (Maybe I'm the one who needs the handicap of placing mine face down.  ;D )

Happy Meeple community / Re: Another bad behavior
« on: 20/06/16, 05:08am »
P.S. Who is this Andrew character? He's a riot.
Yes, he is. :-)  I've seen some of his chat messages.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on the Daily Meeple
« on: 05/06/16, 10:55pm »
OK, I don't know how to do that. There isn't any way to attach anything to a PM or email that I can see.

There's the "insert image" button but all it does is put tags for an image and I don't know what it wants in there - I can't insert it without uploading it somehow and a tag isn't an upload.

If you still can't see the one I originally attached in my other post, I'll try BGG.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on the Daily Meeple
« on: 05/06/16, 10:46pm »
The image is attached and I can see it. I noticed you had trouble seeing someone else's image that I can see fine.  Something on your end?

But I'll send it through PM.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Game freezes explained?
« on: 05/06/16, 10:43pm »
I will try to find a solution quickly. But in the meantime, please go back to your initial window when visiting the forum. Don't click on the "Play our board games online now!" links.

Just curious why that link exists to begin with.  In order to post or do nearly anything (except just read) on the forums, you have to be logged in, and from what I can gather, on the main game page.  So I have to keep that page open and logged in anyway, so I find that link unnecessary.  Does anyone come here without logging in on the game page?

Other board games / Re: [7 Wonders Duel]
« on: 05/06/16, 09:36am »
I know a guy who just got Duel, and since I love 7 Wonders I am looking forward to trying it.  My group has enough attendees that we're often in a position where there are, or could be, 2 extra people, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Will report back if I ever get around to it, which I'm sure I will eventually.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 05/06/16, 08:51am »
I've run across an unusual problem recently, though, which is that, being a newbie, 8've run out of food a few times and have often clicked on the "get 8 food for viewing a message" thing.  The problem is not that, of course, but I've now three times been directed to a website called "La tour a Des", which crashes my Safari (actually my husband's Safari, on his iPad).  If there's any advice you can give me that might help, that would be great!
I've never seen a message about "get 8 food for viewing a message" thing, probably cause I have enough food for what I do.  But it sounds like a sponsor maybe?  Like if you click on the ad you'll get 8 food.  if you don't click on it, you won't go to the site - it's as simple as that.

You'll gradually get more gold, by getting more meeples and achieving other things like the bot challenges, etc.  As you get more gold, you can get resources, which will get you things that produce more food faster and allow you to store more, etc.  You kind of have to be patient in this respect and allow yourself time to build this up.

In the meantime if you're desperate, you can always buy food or potions.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Proper behaviour
« on: 05/06/16, 07:31am »
I could indeed add extra filters in the "open table" window. This has been planned for a long time. Since the inn was introduced really. But it has had less priority than other things unfortunately.
Perhaps the priority level should go up?  Not trying to tell you what you should or should not do, and I certainly don't know what else is on your To Do list (which I'm sure is quite full).  I'm just judging by (1) the posts that are here, most of which seem negative towards being matched with "whoever," and (2) just knowing that lots of people on other gaming sites feel the same way.  The difference with the other sites is that they don't "match" you to anyone.  People just accept invites as they choose, and while filtering exists, there's also room for notes (for requests).

Yucata added a filter that allows you to choose a +/- level relative to your own rank, e.g. +/- 200 of me.  BGA has rank range names, like average, good, expert, and you can filter on that.  I think both methods need tweaked a bit.  :P  I think I like Yucata's concept better.  Having a filter like 1101-1200, 1201-1299, etc. (which is what BGA's method amounts to) means if you're 1199 that could be a little screwy, so the +/- a range relative to yourself works better.  But they would have to be smaller ranges than Yucata, like +/- 50, 75, 100, etc.

I don't know how difficult that filter would be, or how difficult it would be to make it "open," like a player entering whatever they want, such as 1225 - 1310.  The nice thing about filter ranges, though, is that different people will have different ideas as to what constitute an "appropriate opponent," and it can be totally left open for personal invites.

If it's easier to let the system decide what range is appropriate for you, two possibilities to allow for personal invites is either just an option to turn it off for a game (or on, depending on default), or have it automatically turn off for personal invites.

Just as a funny note, I'm not sure what time these people are playing, but when I'm here there's never more than about 6 tables open and I've only once gotten matched with a human before the timer ran out and let me play with a bot.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Proper behaviour
« on: 05/06/16, 07:00am »
Well, my biggest concern was that slow play was being identified as being a hostile act, or bad behavior, (because the person was losing), when in reality, if the person is losing, they probably have a bad hand, and might be just desperately trying to figure out how to win a game with a very confusing hand.
I don't think slow play was "being identified" as being for a specific reason, that is, that somehow it automatically means someone is doing it on purpose.  I think he was saying that slow play that IS done intentionally to be annoying is bad behavior. (And it would be.) 

a. When someone calls me it's a salesman and that's annoying.
b. Calls from salesmen are annoying.

(b) is not assuming all calls are from salesman, only that when they are, they are annoying.  I think he's saying (b).  The word "if" in front of it may have helped.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on the Daily Meeple
« on: 04/06/16, 11:01pm »
Despite that you don't want to hear it, I actually agree with Pouche on a lot.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to come here for a few months, so I don't have as good a memory on the old platform.  However, I do know I didn't find it as confusing. When I came back I couldn't find anything. And somehow those icons do seem smaller, but I guess it's an optical illusion.

I don't pay attention to the Daily Meeple either.  If I got a new meeple or achievement, I already know it.  And it continues to blink as though it's something new, when it's probably still blinking from four games ago, meaning it's not very useful in my opinion. It doesn't show a game name or anything, so unless it just happened (in which case I already know), then I don't even know what it's referring to.  (The thing is blinking 3 things at me right now and I have no idea what for.)

Like Pouche, I don't care what my friends have done.  (Right now I don't have any, but I am far, far from the kind of person who has to know every little thing my friends do and be informed of it immediately.  BGA does this and I just don't care.)  I'm not into social media either.  I can be social, but mostly on forums, and I'm very slow to get to know people, and very slow to "friend" someone. (Sorry, but I think the whole concept of having 300 friends on FB that you don't really know is ludicrous, and I know tons of people who agree.)  I play games f2f and then it's much about being social, and here I'm just here for the games.

And lastly, and at least this part you don't have to take offense at :-), but there's also a visual issue.  Hopefully this image works... if so, you'll be able to see why I didn't even realize there was a forum.  ;) (I'm on Firefox/PC, zooming in and out did nothing.)

Tips, polls, updates / Re: POLL - Preferred opponents
« on: 04/06/16, 10:34pm »
The 2 minutes per move should be complimented with a "x minutes per match" timer. But it is easier said than done and most importantly there are many more important things on the to-do list. Unless everyone complains about it of course. And that's what I want to find out!
Actually, I would complain if you did add a "x minutes per match" because that's one reason I don't like playing live online.  The two minutes is fairly liberal, so it's nice to have it for when I need it, but my turns are generally much, much faster than that.  I just don't like the pressure of knowing a limit is there.

Which is one reason I prefer bots. I like having more time, and the freedom to get disrupted.  Having the bots is one reason I'll come here. I'm not much fond of playing live blindly online, unless it's a friend. (I've got one who might join.) But there aren't many people here and I don't know anyone... and only once has the system hooked me with a real person. So this is sort of my "I don't have to care about my opponent" place.

(I already play two other places with real people only, but it's turn-based.)

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