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Mike M.:
And now its all the smaller of the fonts. 

Stéphane C.:

--- Quote from: Happy Meeple on 05/05/16, 05:21pm ---Stéphane, I don't get it. I have got it in French here and "Victoires successives" is there in French.

What do you see exactly? In what section of the Daily Meeple? And what text do you see when you click on the link?

--- End quote ---

"successive wins" in english = 3 lines and when I click it shows the pop up with the gold earned with my successive wins. Personnally, I Don't find it useful.

To me I prefer the new layout.

Jimmy V.:
The size of the font is the intended one. Thanks for posting the attachment. I don't know if you added it later, but I could not see your attachment first. So I checked I could post an attachment myself. But now I see your attachment so everything is fine.
So yes, this is the normal font for recent news. If your friend has done something special since you last logged in, it will be shown in a bigger font. Or if you are logged in and they have just done something interesting. Apparently it is not obvious to you.
Did you blank out the names of your friends? At first I thought there was some sort of bug before I thought about this more likely option.

Now I get it. The repeated "Successful wins" has already been spotted by 3 persons (including you). We will do something about it soon. Don't worry! This is only The Daily Meeple version 1. It will improve quickly in the coming weeks/months.

I really appreciate you taking the time to come back to me, even if it is not really the kind of thing I like to hear (as you imagine). It shows that you care for the platform. And that's the most important thing. Thanks also for your compliments! They are well heard and appreciated.
It was the intention to offer games over several rounds. Actually Finito has been programmed like this from the start. It would be relatively "easy" to replug the match (match = several games) element in terms of coding. But not so easy in terms of interface. How would you cope with it with the meeples system, etc. It would be a headache and I don't need an extra headache :) So maybe some day, but not tomorrow.
The new layout of the top part is much higher that the previous one. But the buttons have the same size as before. Someone else also pointed out that the buttons were too small but they did not change. Maybe they need a bit more room around them to look bigger. But then we lose a few extra pixels in height which is not desirable.
You don't need to get to the news to get your loot. It is already credited when the news is generated. So you can ignore it if you know what it is talking about.
Hiding the Daily Meeple would not be very pratical (I don't want to manage two different layouts, I have done that in the past, too much extra work for little gain) as well as not convenient for the future. Keep in mind that more things are coming like Daily quests or player targets/goals or ranking news or even platform important news or offers. Wheat field harvest time might also be added there too. So, many things will come there.
Lots of players are like you wanting to play, compete and not socialize and I perfectly respect that. But it is my job to make this place friendly and try a way to make it grow. Happy Meeple cannot be the place of board gamers liking quick games because that's too small a market. We want to get in touch with the mass market. And we keep looking for ways to make the platform easier and easier to use and more and more friendly. Be assured that I don't want to aleniate any player. At worst, you'll need to scroll a little bit when accessing the menu page. My bet is that you will soon forget about this.
Again thanks for taking the time to exchange on this. It is only by hearing from players that I can get a good idea on how the platform is used and what the needs are.

Guys, send me a private message on the platform and I'll credit you some coins. You deserve it.

Andrew N.:
The 20th century called:  they want their "newspaper" back ...

Liallan G.:
Despite that you don't want to hear it, I actually agree with Pouche on a lot.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to come here for a few months, so I don't have as good a memory on the old platform.  However, I do know I didn't find it as confusing. When I came back I couldn't find anything. And somehow those icons do seem smaller, but I guess it's an optical illusion.

I don't pay attention to the Daily Meeple either.  If I got a new meeple or achievement, I already know it.  And it continues to blink as though it's something new, when it's probably still blinking from four games ago, meaning it's not very useful in my opinion. It doesn't show a game name or anything, so unless it just happened (in which case I already know), then I don't even know what it's referring to.  (The thing is blinking 3 things at me right now and I have no idea what for.)

Like Pouche, I don't care what my friends have done.  (Right now I don't have any, but I am far, far from the kind of person who has to know every little thing my friends do and be informed of it immediately.  BGA does this and I just don't care.)  I'm not into social media either.  I can be social, but mostly on forums, and I'm very slow to get to know people, and very slow to "friend" someone. (Sorry, but I think the whole concept of having 300 friends on FB that you don't really know is ludicrous, and I know tons of people who agree.)  I play games f2f and then it's much about being social, and here I'm just here for the games.

And lastly, and at least this part you don't have to take offense at :-), but there's also a visual issue.  Hopefully this image works... if so, you'll be able to see why I didn't even realize there was a forum.  ;) (I'm on Firefox/PC, zooming in and out did nothing.)


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