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Jimmy V.:

I cannot see the same thing on my Firefox. Can you tell me if the issue is permanent or not?


Mike A.:
The +- is great. It's much more useful with it. The improved statements are fantastic, too.

Tangent question, sort of--Could major milestones get broadcast on the main chat? I'm thinking primarily about longest streaks and highest rating ever for the game (for the individual player, not site wide). I think that would be cool and a way to increase community. It would be fun for that to be displayed and have the chance to congratulate someone.

Jimmy V.:
Good to hear the change is positive.

I am 100% with you on the broadcast of information and also on the possibility to like/congratulate. It is one of the many things  I want to work on. You know that huge to-do list...

Some day hopefully.

Hugo M.:
I find the Daily Meeple great but I have one point that bothers me:
When I log in after several hours the status messages from my friends appear in green. I see two messages and conclude there are only two new messages because the third row is free (beside the forum messages are in three rows). Only after I expand the Daily Meeple area I can see there are more new messages. Cause my friends are important for me I'm interrested in their success - so I have to check/expand the Daily Meeple area quite often.
Maybe the messages could display in more rows so I can see the two new messages/rows are not everything or there is a counter for all new messages or "..." to indicate there are more.

Another thing: May it be added, when a friend overtake the first place in the world ranking list or achieve a new all-time high? For information from others (and honor to yourself...).


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