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Jimmy V.:
Thanks Liallan for this very useful comment. I will rework on the Daily Meeple soon.
Can you attach the image please? It seems it did not get through. If you can't here, please send it by email! Thanks!

Liallan G.:
The image is attached and I can see it. I noticed you had trouble seeing someone else's image that I can see fine.  Something on your end?

But I'll send it through PM.

Liallan G.:
OK, I don't know how to do that. There isn't any way to attach anything to a PM or email that I can see.

There's the "insert image" button but all it does is put tags for an image and I don't know what it wants in there - I can't insert it without uploading it somehow and a tag isn't an upload.

If you still can't see the one I originally attached in my other post, I'll try BGG.

Jimmy V.:
I did not see the attachement because I was not logged. I can see it now. Thanks!

By PM, I was thinking by email actually. As we have been in touch lately, you know how to find me.

Thanks again!


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