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Jimmy V.:
As you can read in the update thread, we have just updated the platform with The Daily Meeple, a personalized newspaper.

Please give feedback on this new version here!

- Does it work?
- Are the most important news displayed?
- Are there useless stuffs?
- What more news do you need?
- Any bug?

Thanks for your help!

Stéphane C.:
everything's fine except the number of "victoires consécutives" .. in english ?

Jimmy V.:
Stéphane, I don't get it. I have got it in French here and "Victoires successives" is there in French.

What do you see exactly? In what section of the Daily Meeple? And what text do you see when you click on the link?

Pouche H.:
Firstly, let me say that i enjoy your site and appreciate having the opportunity to play.  I also think you've done a very nice job in the setup and implementation of the games (though i'd love to see Lost Cities as 3 rounds!).
Regarding the new layout, however, i personally preferred the older style - and not because i'm adverse to change! :) - the new layout is simply too large with immaterial information included.
The 'Daily Meeple' box is far, far too large.  I have ZERO need to see 3 lines of my 'successive wins'...i was actually there...and know i won. :)
However, you've also changed how i collect my loot for those wins, and i far preferred the old style where my gold popped up!
I'm also not a huge fan of knowing what my/any friends have accomplished with THEIR successive wins - so i agree that we should have the opportunity to hide both of these placeholders.
Along those lines, the shrinking of what DOES matter to me - the box with the map/castle/inn/market/etc. is now too small and i am personally  far more interested in these features that most anything in the 'Daily'.
While i appreciate you've created a community, where people can gather to play games, compete and socialize...some of us are only here for the playing.  We don't do social media, we don't have tons of 'friends' here, we don't even necessarily wish to interact...we just wish to play, whether against bots or humans.  It is all about the winning (am i too competitive?!? :) )
I realize i must sound like an anti-social miscreant, but for those of us who come merely to play, we'd like some options please.
And again, great site.  And thank you.

Mike M.:
I quite like the concept of 'The Daily Meeple', but perhaps it could be moved to the bottom?  I know fewer people will access it, but the alternative is that it is still there for those who do!

As for the format 'issues' we (myself and Jimmy) discussed earlier... the font gets weird on some log-ins.  Here is an example of non-uniform font sizes and no way to adjust them.  (Also included as an attachment and colored out friend names)


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