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Bug with closed tables


Matthias M.:
I've encountered several times that a (not distinctly chosen) player joined a closed table. It's not only admins but also normal players and happens to all games as far as i've seen yet. It's a rather common issue.

Jimmy V.:
Anyone else observed this?

Matthias, what is a closed table for you? How do you open one?

Matthias M.:
Closed tables are such that are started in the tavern and that exclude arbitrary opponents but chosen ones like friends or special friends. I haven't tested this with the option just providing a direct link.

Marlene H.:
I've had this happen, but only under a certain circumstance. 
I've never had it happen when I add a specific person.
The only condition under which I've seen it, is if I open a table for all friends.

Under this condition, a person who is not on my friend's list can add me as a friend, and then join, even if they are not on my friend's list.

Jamie A.:
Am still interested in a reply from Admin here, isn't this a bug? It does sound like an unexpected result at best - most players would expect "play with a friend" to mean their own friends, the people on their own friends list. Also it sounds similar to this old report.


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