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I agree. If I hv to lose some points (because of ELO), and I can take it as a loss, then if I m the one with lower ELO I ll win some points... Which still does not make much sense to me talking about victories on a row.
I will be really happy if it changes :D

World, castle, market... / Re: Wheatfield
« on: 21/02/18, 11:03am »
I like the lake idea with living fish for food when you want them. I am very unhappy with the wheat field, because I don't want to log on and play every single stinking day! Sorry, but let's be real here! And it's not fair that what I plant is rotten before I can harvest it. Just because I'm away for a few days. There needs to be a better way.
Why would this be not fair? If you dont play every single day, then it does not make too much sense to hv a wheatfield... and it is not real, it s a digital object and makes you stay focused on the screen instead of living IRL. Besides... It does not need to be fair! It s a website with free games. Is that fair? Life is not fair. I understand if you say "I just dont like the way it is, would you please change it?", but quality of being fair (I m sorry for the grammar, English is just my 3rd language) does not seem like a reason to me. Some people have more free time to play online than others. Is it fair? Should the game consider this issue and rank different for everyone? What about people who does not even have access to a computer? Is it fair for them? And so on...
My point is: why complaining when just suggestions make the reader feel better and more prone to "improve" the code?

Not sure I agree with this thinking about advancing new players much more quickly making everything more fun.

For example, the current leader on the Lost Cities board is a very new player, who has plaed many fewer matches than other people in the Top 10.

1. I feel that this devalues the efforts of the others, who have had to work much harder to get - and remain - where they are.

2. I wonder where the fun/incentive is for that player now? The only way for them to go in that game now is down.

(Full disclosure: I am one of those other Top 10 players, but I am really not saying this in a 'Promote me!' way.When I was new, I would not have wanted to soar too quickly, and am happy to inch my way up now.)

I agree. I just saw a white meeple 1400 elo getting more than 40 (yes 40) points after winning ONE single match against a 1437 elo, which is even more than the difference between elos. In the meantime, when trying to get a black one meeple, every match with this small difference in elos will score less than 10 points for me.

Here is the proof.  ::)

I just beat Botanist in LC, and now my ELO is 1550, I already have 100% experience (as you can see in the screenshot) but I still dont have my new mepple. Is it a bug ? Or Im doing something wrong?

Happy Meeple community / Re: Disappointing Glastonbury
« on: 30/01/18, 04:29pm »
Glastonbury has a lot of luck. You have no control over where you land, and you can lose more turns on the corners.

You can calculate where you will land, the number on the tile you take tells you how many steps you will move. So if your opponent does not screw it for you, you can plan many movements in advance :D

Hanamikoji / Re: Hanamikoji feedback
« on: 12/01/18, 01:47pm »
I m still learning how to play it. I just noticed that when the other player plays "competence" action, and I have to chose a pair of cards, the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons do not work. I just chose the pair of cards and I cannot change my option, and it is not required to confirm my choice. I don t mind it at all, I m just telling because all the other actions do have the same buttons and they are completely functional, since in "competence" action they stay gray all the time.

I m getting connection errors with mobile chrome as well :(

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