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Other board games / Recommandation of a tool
« on: 01/11/20, 02:54pm »
Hi everyone 8)
I just ordered a super cool tool for board games.. especially card games.. if you are like me and can't really mix cards properly... this might be interesting to you:
This article is in german but you can easily translate it into english if you need to :)
Have you got any fancy tools for board games or any other games?

Happy Meeple community / Re: chrome lag
« on: 30/09/20, 02:35pm »
I also play on chrome and it works fine. The only problems I have are linked to my laptop that isn't always keeping up, but the connection seems good.

I hope you'll figure out a way to stop the lag!

Lost Cities / Re: IMO the best quick game by far
« on: 30/09/20, 02:31pm »
It definitely is awesome! I love how quick and easy it is to learn, but how strategic it gets with every play!
I usually try to do one or two big series, while I keep the ball rolling with one or two that start higher.

Lost Cities / Re: Accidental Discards
« on: 30/09/20, 02:29pm »
I think that the option to withdraw a card would lower the fluidity of the game. Now you can play it relatively fast, but if the opponent choses to withdraw, I guess it would call to be more concentrated on that aspect during the game.

But it surely is annoying to misplace a card  :(

Lost Cities / Re: Low Cards, discards and picking up
« on: 30/09/20, 02:26pm »
I totally agree with the placement of $ cards. I will pick up low cards if I already have a good amount of them either in the game or in my cards. Actually I use this option quite often. Or also to gain some time at the end if I haven't placed everything down  ::).

Lost Cities / Re: maximum points in one color
« on: 30/09/20, 02:23pm »
Amazing game! There is definitely no better result  ;D

Lost Cities / Re: Share your tactics
« on: 30/09/20, 02:21pm »
It is all about rythm and luck I guess... I try to start as low as possible, obviously. But if I haven't got any cards lower than 3 I won't place them. I prefer to take my time and place lower numbers. When there are 10 or less cards left I try to place more down, but I still try to keep an eye out for the opponent - if he catches up for example I will try to finish sooner by drawing more cards.

I love how such a simple game can be played with different strategies while also being partly linked to luck.

Lost Cities / Re: Best of 3?
« on: 30/09/20, 02:17pm »
I quite like the fact that it doesn't take too long to end. It is a great game to play when I haven't a lot of time.
Of course it could be interesting to add aditional rounds  :)

Yes, you have to respect the ascending cards. But of course you are allowed to skip a card if your opponent has already placed it.
It is also better not to place a card in the middle, that he might still need. If he just placed a 6, you shouldn't place a 7 or higher in the middle.

Off topic / Re: Hello, everyone
« on: 30/09/20, 02:11pm »!/

I hope I linked it right: Here is a Thread where you can introduce yourself  :)
have fun playing!

Happy Meeple community / Re: Introduce yourself!
« on: 30/09/20, 02:04pm »

I'm Lena from Germany. Currently I study history and eastern europe studies at a university in Switzerland. I usually don't play a lot of boardgames, but I just discovered this great community and it looks like a lot of fun!  ;D

Friendly greetings  :)

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