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HexRoller / HexRoller lost connection scored as 0
« on: 29/07/21, 11:36pm »
I had finished 4 of 6 HexRoller turns when my connection was unexpectedly lost and the game ended.  When I was able to reconnect, I found that the match had been scored as a zero (0), dropping my rating by 30 points.  This seems a bit extreme.  I realize that there is probably no way to prove that an interruption was accidental and we do not want to reward people for deliberately abandoning games but I would have expected SOME credit for the score I had accumulated to that point.  Better yet, if HexRoller is an untimed, single-player game, it would be nice to be able to resume the game at the point of interruption.  FYI, there is no "final" screenshot to share but a replay of the match is available and shows that, at the end of turn 4, I had 32 points.

From the game before:
From the game after:

From the game in question:
Date   7/29/2021 4:58:09 PM
Game   HexRoller
(1)   Tim B. (2107)   0 pts
(2)   (0)   0 pts
Screenshots taken by Tim B.

HexRoller / HexRoller strategies
« on: 26/04/21, 05:43am »
I have 68 rated games under my belt and my rating is finally over 2100 (currently 2102, good enough for #1 overall) but I feel like my game has stagnated.  I find myself using essentially 2 strategies -- one for the bigger board and one for the smaller.  By this, I mean that I have settled on a generally-achievable configuration (and sequence of priorities) for each of the maps and playing the game consists primarily of trying to manage the differences between the numbers I expect to get and the ones that are actually rolled.  So it came as some surprise to me when I decided to replay a few of the games from other highly-ranked players and found significant differences in the way that they attacked the same-sized boards.  It left me wondering whether, like me, most of you have a target layout in mind for each board and, if so, how much of my relative success is due to a better target, better management, or simply better luck.

To preserve the learning experience for newer players, I am going to avoid describing my configurations/priorities in this post (and suggest that others do the same) but those who are interested in this topic are invited to check out some of my recent games and/or point me to representative games of their own.

HexRoller / HexRoller under construction?
« on: 11/11/20, 10:15pm »
Is HexRoller under construction?  Its overview, rules, and ranking pages seem to point to Hanamikoji pages.

Cartographers / Two issues with Cartographers replays
« on: 08/11/20, 04:29am »
I love the replay feature -- particularly the ability to step through what others have done -- but there are a couple of things that struck me as odd.  My apologies if these have already been reported.

The first item involves player ratings.  Sometimes the ratings are reversed, i.e. the rating listed for Player 1 was that of Player 2 and vice-versa.  Note: this is not always the case but I can look for some examples if need be.  It may be more common when Player 2 is listed above Player 1.

The second item involves the tile options for observed player's opponent.  While observing Player 1, the card that was drawn had shapes that Player 1 could not place, so Player 1 was instead presented with the single-square options.  However, when I clicked the button to look at Player 2's board, the choices shown at the top were still the single-square options, despite the fact that Player 2 had room to place one of the original shapes (and would, in fact, do so).  Out of curiosity, I went back and replayed the game from the other perspective (that of Player 2).  Here, the roles were reversed but the effect was similar: the screen for Player 1 showed only the original shapes (the ones from which Player 2 was choosing) despite none of them being playable by Player 1.  Is this behavior unique to replays or does it also occur during the live game?  I would have thought it more helpful to only see the options that are appropriate to the displayed board.

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