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I had decided to register my guest account, but hesitated for two reasons.  I do not wish to state them here.  I tried to send a PM the the Happy Meeple Admin - but was not able to send the note.

I then ran into a problem trying to send this note.   I can't read all of the verification letters.  I see some, but I'm confused by one or two of them.  And I can't hear anything when trying to listen to the letters.  Tried using the solution, and it downloaded something on to my computer that I can't figure out how to use.

I will just keep trying.  Hopefully one of them will be clear enough that I can get it right.

And I don't understand the verification questions.  One of them said something like
What is that?  Am I supposed to pick the number of letters in the verification code?  If so the numbers don't match.

Sheesh - this seems a lot harder than it ought to be.

I've primarily been playing 4 games. 
Level X
Keltis Card
I play the other games as well, but enjoy these the most.  I've been trying to keep these 4 together in their progress.  I rotate through them based on their progress.   I just earned the Black 5 meeple on 3 of them.  Glastonbury was the only one left.  It was at 96% experience, so it too, was set to earn the new Meeple.   I lost the game, but hit 100% experience.  But no new Meeple.

I then noticed that I was now required to have a score of 1800 (plus the 100% exp).  I earned 2 of my previous Black 5 meeples earlier today (my time, might be yesterday for the site's time) and was only required to have a score of 1750.  And 1750 had been the requirement for Glastonbury as well.  I track the score needed for each next meeple and calculate how far above or below the target I am.   At 1776 I would earn the Black 5 when the requirement was 1750, but I just miss it when it's 1800. 

This came as a sudden and unpleasant surprise, because there was no announcement of this increase.

Why did the score requirement increase?
and why no announcement warning us?

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