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Glastonbury / Re: Hard for color blind players
« on: 22/01/18, 01:21am »
I'm not colorblind, but the contrast between the blue vs. green is not as great as I would prefer. Sometimes I have to look closely to decide which is which. (Or does that mean that maybe I AM a little color blind?)

Lost Cities / Re: Glitch in scoring for Lost Cities
« on: 03/02/16, 10:27pm »
Oh yeah.....That. (Feeling stupid right now.) It seems the "glitch" is in my brain :)

Thank you very much for responding, though.

 Ahhhh, my missing 80 points! How I will miss them, wherever they may be!

Now that I have thought about it, this is not a weird rule. It does make sense conceptually. Once the last card is drawn the game ends -- proceed to endgame


Once a 5th path is closed -- proceed to endgame.

It is, in fact, very consistent. I didn't see that before, but now I do.

Lost Cities / Glitch in scoring for Lost Cities?
« on: 03/02/16, 05:19pm »
There is very definitely a problem with scoring in Lost Cities. In the game I just played I had in Red:


The computer gave me 100 points. This is definitely incorrect. the numbers total 40. 40x4= 160.
160 plus the 20 point bonus is 180. The program shorted me by 80 points! (I did win anyway however :)

Are you aware of this glitch?

I have played a lot of Scrabble online at the Internet Scrabble Club. It is a regular occurrence there for players to curse at you, insult you, accuse you of cheating, and curse at you some more.

    I have never played anyone here who is not courteous and friendly. I don't know why there is such a stark difference, but it is really nice to be here. I feel like we are all friends. I have made several friends at ISC, and the majority are not abusive, but a very large minority are. Maybe it's something about Scrabble.

Thanks for your good answer. One has to watch out for that when playing. One can get stuck with lots of good points in his hand.

    And yes, that's what I meant -- ending a fifth path.

When you lay down the 5th end card, does that mean you are not allowed to draw a card to replace it before the end phase? That's the way the computer is playing it. Didn't know if that was a rule or just a glitch with the program. If that's the rule it seems like a strange unneccessary one!

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