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thanks for your suggestions.
i tried both, unfortunately neither worked - maybe someone has another idea?
it's very annoying to have to try over and again to start a game and not to be able to scroll at the end.

yeah, it works fine - so far - with opera on the same machine.
I have win 7.

just now it froze in the middle of a game - the clock stopped running, I could move pieces around but could not place them on the board.

has anybody else got problems with this site using firefox?
The site loads alright, but when I get to the "full play" button nothing happens when I click it. On the second or third go of loading the site anew I can usually get a game, but at the end of the game the screen freezes, I can't scroll up or down or do anything. Very annoying.
I tried deleting the cookies, but thet didn't really help.
Everything works fine in opera.
Any ideas what's wrong?

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