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General strategy:  I generally focused on the scoring cards vs the points for the size of your biggest territories. The bots were certainly better than me in setting things up such that their last cards added 2+ points that way. I didn't ignore it completely of course, but most of the scoring cards can give you a better rate of return.

For the scoring cards that require multiple turns of setup (4 fort square, wagon circle, most pick axes/guns, etc), it's extremely important to look ahead and see how things should play out. Also if you're unfortunately the one who has to figure out where to start the game (I strongly preferred having first pick over figuring that out). And don't be afraid to skip a card (or even two) when it'll swing things.

Against the bots, I noticed there were a few scorings I was much better at (the smallest town scoring, and the 4 fort square for 7 points), and others they were better at (color majorities, trick shots). Verboten might need a little bit of tuning - though 3 is a small sample size, it seemed a bit easier than Botanist.

The updates to the UI were good - it definitely cut down on the scrolling, and I didn't have a repeat of the game I lost because I accidentally chose the last card instead of the first card.

And I think I finished last night.

Circle The Wagons / Silly rules combination?
« on: 08/12/18, 11:52pm »
I just had a game with the following 3 rules:
One too many (Player with most beers loses points = to other players beers)
Boom or bust (5/0/4/8 points for 0-2, 3-6, 7, 8+ pickaxes)
Smalltown charm (Player with smaller city gets points equal to the difference between the two city sizes)

It seems like it might be worth preventing this rules combination, because it has basically nothing to incentivize you to not stack all your cards on top of each other - there are a couple of minor things about forcing your opponent to end with a card that has 2 of color not touching / avoiding the same happening to you, and also not ending with the 3 pick axe cards / 3 beer card, but overall it's very uninteresting

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