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Tile cannot be placed

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Jimmy V.:
The help button only appears when there is 30 seconds and only near the end of the game when the options are limited.

Lisa G.:
I have had this problem twice now. I have had a tile that I couldn't place , no help was offered, and the game aborted.

Huggable T.:
Hi Lisa

Are you aware of the time and the game reference and who you were playing.  Maybe one of us can have a look at the game and see the situation that you faced and assess the issue.  Once when I started Carto, I was adamant that I could not place a tile and then Carolyn watched it back and advised me where the only space was  - I did not flip the card.  I know now!!!  Maybe one of us can assist you.

Loida P.:
So it was an ongoing issue.

RĂ³ka R.:

--- Quote from: Guest 325979 on 12/02/21, 12:37pm ---same problem (not possible to place it) ... see attachment

thanks for your help!


--- End quote ---

This is not a bug (or what am I missing?) - you can place the tile by rotating it counter-clockwise, as the letter 'L' and then move it so the top left square of the L shape will be on the lower left ruin and three squares will be on the lower edge.


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