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Alex B.:
I imagine if so it would take a lot of luck and could be suboptimal, but is it even possible to fill up every single space in four seasons?  Perhaps only if the chasm is in the middle?

And if it is possible, has anyone ever done it?

Yes :)

No :)

Somewhat more seriously, the tiles have in order 1 / 5 5 5 4 / 5 5 5 4 4 4 squares starting from the most time efficient cards.

So with 8 7 7 6 time in the seasons you could get 30, 25, 25, 25 squares filled in = 105 total. With 4 monsters, you're up to 121, exactly filling an 11x11 board without the holes/mountains.

I may have got the math wrong, I did it quickly in my head. But it seems reasonable enough.

The board without wastelands has 116 spaces, and with wastelands 109 spaces. So it's probably (pretty surely) theoretically possible to fill both of them with the right luck with the monsters.

If there had been edicts that encourage trying a bit harder someone might get close, but with monsters in play it is unlikely.

Jimmy V.:
We looked at that to see if we needed to program a "Pass" button for this game. We did it in the end.

The probability is very low, but it is theoretically possible to run out of moves or fill the board.

Given enough time (millions/billions of games?), this will happen. Maybe some day with Borderlands in play, someone will get close.

Alex B.:
It would be the ultimate Lost Barony!   :)

Alex B.:
Btw, does the "pass" button only appear if all spaces get filled in?  Or could one "pass" at any time (perhaps to avoid connecting two villages, or putting a village near a mountain, for example)?


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