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Wording problem(?) in the Great City edict.


Adam B.:

I had a problem, with the Great City edict in the game. It wasn't clear to me based on the wording of the edict, that if in my biggest city, if I place a single tile adjacent to a mountain, that tile won't score, or the whole city will be ineligible for scoring from that point on. My opponent had the misfortune to try this out, so by now, I know, that it invalidates your whole city.

Maybe you could update the wording a bit, to make this more clear?


Jimmy V.:
Thanks for the feedback. We can’t really change the wording from the publisher. It is not our prerogative.

At first I found the rules very clear but after more thoughts, I can see your interpretation now. I suppose though that for yours to be valid, there should be a comma before the that. This said, I am not a linguist.

Jimmy V.:
By the way you can check the edicts on the Cartographers rules page.


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