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Scott B.:
Hi, All!

I can say that Thunderworks Games is very pleased at the implementation of Cartographers at Happy Meeple. Thank you for building it and introducing our game to your audience.

For anyone interested in the board game itself, Cartographers is currently available at our website: https://thunderworksgames.bigcartel.com/product/cartographers-a-roll-player-tale-shipped

We would like to add that due to the popularity of our first game, we are releasing a second Cartographers game, called Cartographers Heroes, and it's funding on Kickstarter through Oct. 23! You can check that out here:

This edition features all new maps, new explore cards, monsters, scoring cards and of course, HEROES! Plus, we're offering a special Collector's Edition of our game and THREE new map packs. If you like Cartographers, I guarantee you won't want to miss this.

Thanks for your interest in our game, and happy mapping!

-Scott Bogen
Thunderworks Games

Jimmy V.:
Very happy to see this second Cartographers game coming.

Our players have really enjoyed Cartographers so far.

Although we haven't had the chance to try the new one out yet, we have little doubt about its quality and can only encourage our English-speaking players to have a look at the Kickstarter project and get a chance to receive the new game before everyone else.

Thanks again for the opportunity you gave us to implement Cartographers. We are certain it will be played a lot here.

Nicolas Guibert.

Have you thought about offering a few of the scoring cards from Heroes as a preview in the web interface here? It would offer some more variation and perhaps open the eyes for more people to the Kickstarter.

Jimmy V.:
The idea crossed my mind of course, but barely. I have not discussed it with Thunderworks anyway.

We plan to develop a solo mode and maybe a multiplayer mode (although this one requires a complete rewriting of the platform which is as you know designed for 2-player games).

We also have another game (or 2) to finish.

And maybe a switch to another server structure (which also would probably require a lot of rewriting).

So for the moment, I'd say: maybe later. Let me savour the moment of this nice release now :) It's nice to see how players are enjoying it.

Jimmy V.:
Heads up for Cartographers Heroes! Anyone backed it?


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