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Jimmy V.:
Hello all,

Cartographers has just been released. The game won lots of awards (including being nominated for the Spiel des Jahres this year). It is truly fantastic.

Please give us feedback! We are obviously particularly interested in bugs you may find, or any question that you may have regarding the game.

Thanks for your ongoing cooperation! Have fun!


PS: please note that this game has no AI as such. The bots in training mode play always in the same nonsensical manner. They are nevertheless useless to learn the various edicts. The 12 bots that you can play in training mode each come with a different set of edict cards. Each edict cards can be found 3 times.
But of course, as always, Verboten is harder to beat than Lobotomo.

PS2: unlike all our other games, there is no way to play Cartographers online against a bot. You will need to find a human opponent. We recommend using the "link access" feature to invite friends that are not yet playing on the platform. By following the link you send them, they will jump into your table immediately with a guest account. Speedy and efficient.

John S.:
I second using the bots in training mode to learn the edicts.  That helped me.

First of all, thanks for the implementation. I found it through the Kickstarter page!

Feedback: Faster scoring (an option to remove all animations). No splitting screens for the new cards, just show them in a corner (I never need to see the screen called ?). An option to place tiles with clicks only as in the app.

I've played 100+ games in the app and I still really like that you offer the multiplayer experience here. It is a quite different game compared to solo.

Also wondering if you are always bringing the monsters into the deck in the same order. You may not. I haven't played enough games that I can tell.

Jimmy V.:
Thanks for the feedback!

Yes faster animations is definitely needed. We will work on that. Hopefully it will be done soon.

The monsters should not always come in the same order. If they do, then it’s an error due to some testing code that we forgot to remove. I would be surprised but it’s possible. What’s your first monster?

Monsters don't seem to consistently come up in any order so I take that back.


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