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Cartographers / We want to play Cartographers more than 2 players!!
« Last post by Mesut Y. on 20/05/22, 08:39pm »
Hello everyone! Is cartographer only for 2 players? We want more! Please help
Tips, polls, updates / Re: Bug. Replay with the same opponent
« Last post by Varepe M. on 19/05/22, 06:31pm »
Hi, I noticed the same problem too.
This feature is really interesting, I hope we will have it one day!
Cartographers / Bug that aborts the game
« Last post by Dusty B. on 10/05/22, 03:26pm »
Twice in the middle of a game, I have used my track pad (MacBook Air, 11.2.3), clicked and dragged to see more of the left of the screen, and an arrow showed up (I am assuming it is suppose to be a back button), and it aborted my game.  When I tried to reenter the game it replayed all the previous plays, but the match was ended.
Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« Last post by Guest 363978 on 09/05/22, 01:26pm »
33 Broken Road

Except I didn't actually CLICK the last card in line. I clicked the card next card in line, you know, the one with the arrow pointing to it? Which is why I reported it as a bug. But apparently the standard response to someone reporting a bug is for the community to tell the bug reporter that they're an idiot who doesn't know how to play a simple game. What wonderful and "helpful" people.
Although I tried using screenshots in advance to teach the game (due to my original poor experience inviting a friend noted above), I now have 3 friends who won't come back here after feeling flustered and overwhelmed by the time limit in their first experiences trying to play with me on the site.

Unfortunately my words are not enough to overcome those very poor initial experiences. Nobody enjoys feeling clumsy and embarrassed and that is what it does to some people who need a little more time to find their footing - more than 1 min 45 sec - after they land on a table for the first time. And it's embarrassing for me too, after extolling the site, to be in the position where I have to tell a flustered friend to hurry up, click there, just hurry! Explaining this constraint in advance doesn't make the experience any better for either party. I've learned my lesson and won't be inviting any more newbies.

I'm glad the site is here and appreciate the work that goes and has gone into it, however this slice of the experience has been nothing but depressing.

EDITED TO ADD: a link to the post I wrote 4 years ago right after the first time I tried playing via link with a friend. Had I found and re-read it earlier I wouldn't have led myself or my friends into the same experience twice more (memories do fade...). Linking for what it adds imo.
Level X / Re: Level X errors.
« Last post by Raisa S. on 06/04/22, 09:02am »
oh I see the problem now.
Adam, I did not simply assume that you made a mistake. When you wrote in the Inn about the supposed bug, I checked some of your game replays to see what the problem was. And you did pick the last card in at least two games.
It's not a bug. You have to move clockwise when choosing cards. If you pick the "next" card counterclockwise, you actually picked the last card in line and skipped all other cards. Your opponent has to take all cards you skipped.

I'm not a moron, thanks. I'm well aware that play proceeds clockwise around the circle of cards. If I had played the card counterclockwise to the open space in the circle, that wouldn't be playing the next would be playing the last card.
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