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Ti D.

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Strategy question single squares
« on: 25/10/20, 11:46am »

When you get the card with one square but a choice of all colours (I forget the name of the card) on option is to put a monster field on your own map.  I can see there will be times when it makes no difference whether it is a monster of some other colour, but is there ever a time when it is beneficial to place a monster?? 


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Re: Strategy question single squares
« Reply #1 on: 25/10/20, 03:02pm »
Yes, there are a few occasions. The most obvious ones is if you want to use a single monster square to improve the score for Greengold Plains (it's still unusual since you usually have other color options as well). In the base game, it's the only possibility I think since you always have the choice of Green to not risk losing any points (both Red and Blue/Yellow can lose points with a few scoring cards).

Jimmy V.

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Re: Strategy question single squares
« Reply #2 on: 25/10/20, 03:45pm »
I think Carl pointed out the only case it can be useful in the base game although I am not 100% sure it can actually happen( would need to think a bit more). I suppose the rules may be more useful/important with some expansions.

Also, monsters are a kind of terrain so it is consistent to be able to draw them when you can draw any terrain.

Clive P.

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Re: Strategy question single squares
« Reply #3 on: 26/10/20, 02:40pm »
I can't think of any at present, but perhaps there will be expansions where it will become important. Either that, or the designers thought that excluding a single monster tile would be a case of Monsterism!

Alex B.

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Re: Strategy question single squares
« Reply #4 on: 31/10/20, 05:56am »
I never chose monster.  I had naively assumed that choosing the single square monster option allowed you to play it on your opponent's map, but I guess I was wrong!