Author Topic: Problem with Game Opening  (Read 18731 times)


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Problem with Game Opening
« on: 24/03/19, 08:09pm »
At the start of the game, player 1 picks which is the staring card, and player 2 chooses which card to take. Unfortunately, sometimes player 2 may accidentally take the card BEHIND the one player 1 selected. That means that player 1 now gets all of the rest of the cards for free. This completely throws the game. There needs to be a warning employed to prevent players from making this mistake. For example, if I try to select it, a text box comes up saying, "This is the final card. Do you wish to take it?"

Jimmy V.

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Re: Problem with Game Opening
« Reply #1 on: 29/04/19, 11:29am »
Well noted. Thanks!