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HexRoller / HexRoller - Straight bug
« on: 19/01/21, 01:18pm »
The calculation of the straight bonus appears to be buggy. I just finished a training game in which it gave me 8 points for a 3-4-6-6-8-5-7 sequence... hardly a straight. Perhaps it is my misreading of a rule? Does a "straight" just have to begin with a 3 and contain higher numbers after that and if there is, say, a 6 and a 5 and a 4 in some order then that scores 6?

Lost Cities / Show Last Play and Pickup
« on: 14/03/18, 12:54pm »
Would it be possible to add a short text line at the top of the page with the Last Play and Last Pickup of your opponent? I sometimes look away and miss what they played/chose and this would be very helpful.
For example "Played: 4Y, Picked: $G"  or "Put: $W, Took: Deck"
Many thanks

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