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Migrato / Was Migrato changed? (Card enlarging)
« on: 11/05/18, 02:15am »
I haven't played Migrato in a while and am wondering if there has been a change somewhat recently. On my turn, my card selection would instantly result in the card enlarging and popping in to cover one side of the playing area. Unfortunately it felt very irritating, harder to focus on the layouts, and I couldn't wait for the game to be over. I looked for an option to turn off the pop-over but didn't see one.

I don't recall this happening, or having this feeling, on my many many previous plays. Did I just lose my feel for the game, or was this one of the more recent changes? If it was listed in the update thread, I'm sorry for not seeing it.

Thanks anyone for reply.

Hello. On the Achievements page it appears the "Longest Series" counter display numbers may be counting shields displayed instead of "games won in a row".

Shields are not displayed for "1 win in a row" or "2 wins in a row"... the shield display starts at "3 wins in a row". That is just fine, it makes sense.

However I would expect the count displayed to match the "X wins in a row" number.  If my achievement is "8 games won in a row" (out of the maximum 10), it should display the equivalent of "8 wins out of 10 possible wins in a row" which would be 8/10. Instead it displays 6/8, which is a count of the shields displayed and doesn't match related verbiage on the site.

Do I understand this correctly?

Hello. I thought the bots always unlocked in the same order and without skipping any. Is this normal?

Am sitting here with Lost Cities frozen - it finally stopped dropping the reconnection/resend messages, the timer isn't advancing, connection light is red (the rest of the internet is working in my other tabs, as is this forum), yet it tells me if I back out I will lose the game and be penalized as has happened before. But I finally do anyway and yes now down 13 more points... was already barely high enough in LC to get the 1400+ bots for the daily quests, which is probably why it bugs me.

If there is any way to code for this it would be nice. I understand why you don't want people feeling free to abandon losing games, however it's a bit frustrating when it can connect to smack down my rating but not to continue the game.   ???

Lost Cities / Lost Cities Scoring question
« on: 16/05/17, 08:48am »
I've been unable to figure out the "Expedition scoring" page subtotals more than a few times and assumed it was me, given the many (many) experienced players here. But now I've given up, I just don't understand the logic.

Please advise! and thank you.

Happy Meeple community / Play 10 Matches Daily Quest
« on: 07/05/17, 02:52am »
Hello. FYI when the Play 10 matches quest was completed - inside The Daily Meeple box the numbers didn't realign properly on the extra digit, when it changed from 9/10 games to 10/10 games... that extra digit going from N/NN to NN/NN.

Lost Cities / Wrong Area Highlighted
« on: 30/04/17, 10:34am »
I've noticed random incorrect highlights of the opponent yellow (leftmost to me) play area during my turn. Often it happens on my first turn in a new game, and then sometimes once or maybe twice more during the game. I'll select a card and my play area will light up and so will the yellow play area of the opponent, a circle will light up over there (on my upper left). It's not on the discard pile though, it's where they place a card in that column.

The notifications (such as alert for new chat message) had been displaying in the upper right. Now they are displaying in the upper left and overlaying the top of the games. You might be okay with that, but anyway fyi.

Happy Meeple community / Invitation to the table
« on: 21/04/17, 12:35pm »
This popup for me always leaves the Back button dropped below the browser. I have to scroll down every time to press it. There appears to be sufficient room for a more convenient placement of the popup.

Happy Meeple community / Site design
« on: 19/04/17, 12:45pm »
Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the clean design of Happy Meeple. The background is easy on the eyes and doesn't distract from the content, both qualities all too rare on the internet. The whole color palette here is soothing. I like the use of round-edged boxes (like game cards!) to section the content and their spacing is comfortable. None of the fonts are hard to read or jarring. Particularly appreciate how The Daily Meeple is implemented, with the small summary box and opening to full page. The website overall has a warm feeling about it. Really well done.

Wondering if there is a reason I get so many Connection Issue messages on Lost Cities, and only on Lost Cities... Will take troubleshooting suggestions if there is anything I should be checking.


Lost Cities / Accidental Discards
« on: 15/04/17, 01:24pm »
Maybe it's just me  ;)  but I've found it easy to misplace a card every so often... so many blinking placeholders. It would be nice if we could retrieve an accidental discard at least as part of the standard 'take a card' at end of turn.

Happy Meeple community / Popup for Get Your Nice Reward
« on: 15/04/17, 11:31am »
The popup window has a button to push after XX seconds countdown to get your reward. Much of the time the button is almost entirely obscured by the partner page dropped on it.

See example, popup page on top with smidgen of button visible:

(p.s. I tried to use the built-in Attach facility here however the post Preview did not display the image and found no further details in help or wiki. I've used such facilities elsewhere without issue.)(updt. Apparently the post Preview button doesn't display the image on this forum, I discovered.)

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