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Regarding Lost Cities, as has been said, part of what makes it fun and exciting is trying to figure out how much you should give up in some expeditions to go for the big bang ones. The Happy Meeple version plays a bit different than the official game because it's one hand instead of three. That makes luck much more important here.
I know it's an old thread but I'm curious what does this mean:
"The Happy Meeple version plays a bit different than the official game because it's one hand instead of three"

The official game rules recommend playing three hands (or three games) and adding the scores together to determine the winner. On Happy Meeple we play one hand (or one game) and that one score is the final score to determine the winner.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Bug with closed tables
« on: 26/07/22, 09:58am »
Am still interested in a reply from Admin here, isn't this a bug? It does sound like an unexpected result at best - most players would expect "play with a friend" to mean their own friends, the people on their own friends list. Also it sounds similar to this old report.

Cartographers / Re: Wall of shame
« on: 27/05/22, 12:35am »
Am new Wall of Shame member.  Am suitably ashamed.

Although I tried using screenshots in advance to teach the game (due to my original poor experience inviting a friend noted above), I now have 3 friends who won't come back here after feeling flustered and overwhelmed by the time limit in their first experiences trying to play with me on the site.

Unfortunately my words are not enough to overcome those very poor initial experiences. Nobody enjoys feeling clumsy and embarrassed and that is what it does to some people who need a little more time to find their footing - more than 1 min 45 sec - after they land on a table for the first time. And it's embarrassing for me too, after extolling the site, to be in the position where I have to tell a flustered friend to hurry up, click there, just hurry! Explaining this constraint in advance doesn't make the experience any better for either party. I've learned my lesson and won't be inviting any more newbies.

I'm glad the site is here and appreciate the work that goes and has gone into it, however this slice of the experience has been nothing but depressing.

EDITED TO ADD: a link to the post I wrote 4 years ago right after the first time I tried playing via link with a friend. Had I found and re-read it earlier I wouldn't have led myself or my friends into the same experience twice more (memories do fade...). Linking for what it adds imo.

I found the feature/option problematic, "Replay with the same opponent" (or maybe now it's "Play again with same opponent")

As in Geraldine's case, I was playing with a guest who'd come in via link, however when it gave me the option I expected it to work. That did not seem to happen, at least not intuitively.

The guest ended up back on the initial Welcome screen. I landed in the Inn holding a table, which blinked that it was via link, but it never showed me the link so my only option was to play with a bot.

Was the guest supposed to go back to their email and click on the old link to come in again? What was supposed to happen here?

Thanks for any assistance.

Thanks for this request Michel. I requested this several years ago and still would very much like to see it happen. The timer was such a turn off to the couple friends I invited to learn and play together that I just gave up on playing with people I know and eventually drifted away from Happy Meeple.

2) your friend does not need a white meeple to play online with you. He will join you without it. You will be the teacher.

Have you used this feature? Did it work well? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
An old thread, however not sure if I ever saw it.

Yes, I did use this feature, and wrote rather a lengthy forum post back then about what a poor experience it was, and it relates exactly to your comment that I've quoted. 

Using the feature results in the games with the 2 minute time limit - very, very difficult to teach anybody anything, even for the new person to figure out how to take their first turn - especially when the timer is running before we've pressed the button to start the game! Certainly not time to teach them anything. Take your eye off the game to look at a message or read any screen text, instructions, anything at all, and suddenly time's up! 

So while I tried to use it as suggested, the time limit erased the benefit. My friend still won't come back here, in fact.  :(

I think it's great for you to offer the link feature though, and wish I could make more use of it.

Great job Alexandre!

Looking forward to this one too, and feeling a bit <slaps head>. I'm in their current kickstarter, which includes this game, and didn't even think of them.

And the not-an-award that it won was the 2016 Button Shy Wallet Design Contest. So indeed, that reply made sense.  ;)

To summarize the clues :

_Released in the last 5 years
_Card-only game (no dices etc.)
_2-players only
_Include set collection ("sometimes")
_Strategic (more than game)
_Not released in France
_No card drafting, No path cards

_No Mythical theme
_No physical violence theme, or very little (war, mafia...)
_Award game
_Scorekeeping/point counting, (maybe possible above 100pts)
_Less than 500 rating on BGG
_Minimum age : below 10
_Historical theme. But not a strong one.
_Several designers
_NOT a known game author (Not a Reiner Knizia for example...!)
_New editor an happymeeple

Also not a German designer.

Designer may be known to some, just not broadly well known (as in your example)

Regarding Awards, not sure what to make of - "I am not aware that the game won any award. But it won something as far as I know..."

Is the winner determined by scorekeeping/point counting?

Does the game include set collection?

Migrato / Re: Was Migrato changed? (Card enlarging)
« on: 11/05/18, 04:24pm »
Yes, it's so weird!  Thank you.  :)

Migrato / Was Migrato changed? (Card enlarging)
« on: 11/05/18, 02:15am »
I haven't played Migrato in a while and am wondering if there has been a change somewhat recently. On my turn, my card selection would instantly result in the card enlarging and popping in to cover one side of the playing area. Unfortunately it felt very irritating, harder to focus on the layouts, and I couldn't wait for the game to be over. I looked for an option to turn off the pop-over but didn't see one.

I don't recall this happening, or having this feeling, on my many many previous plays. Did I just lose my feel for the game, or was this one of the more recent changes? If it was listed in the update thread, I'm sorry for not seeing it.

Thanks anyone for reply.

In Finito... Especially when all numbers are on the board and you have to move them, it is really distracting that every number plus the red marks are constantly blinking.

Agree. Once all the numbers are there, any effect is liable to be too much (and unnecessary).

While I appreciate the 'shadowing' being dimmed, I still find the whiteness around all the hand cards bright enough to be distracting.

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