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« on: 01/11/16, 05:40pm »
In the update thread it said:

Update of the database allowing us to guess player's best team according to IP.

I can't begin to figure out what you mean by teams.  I've never played on a team here, or even seen an opportunity to do so.

what are they?

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Re: Teams?
« Reply #1 on: 01/11/16, 05:44pm »
My understanding is that teams are based on geography (so the update is using geoIP lookup to try to figure out where players are located even if they don't actually specify).

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Re: Teams?
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Thanks for asking!

Your team is the region you are affected to (you can change this in the rankings page, select a game, then click on the 'Change region' button).

The 4th ranking of any ranking page is the teams ranking. You can try to improve your team's position. Better do it in cooperation with your team-mates though.

France and Germany are dominated the rankings. Can you team beat them?

Have fun here with the meeples!

PS: thanks Whitney for your good answer posted at the same time as mine. :)