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Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 23/01/23, 06:10pm »

I finally got a perfect Broken Road (no chasm), and even got an extra!

Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 08/01/23, 09:53pm »
UGH! One square away from perfect, no chasm!

Cartographers / Re: Best Broken Road?
« on: 10/11/21, 09:15pm »
Just got 10 (with no chasm), so I'm pretty happy about that!

Would it be possible (and of interest to other people) to be able to "watch" a game while it's in progress?

As a fairly weak Cartographers player, it would be fantastic to watch -- and learn from! -- games between more skilled players.

I realize there would be a lot of complications to figure out, but I'm curious whether it's something you've ever considered.

Interesting, that had never occurred to me! For me that's never felt like a problem, more just an attribute of the game in its end stage.

A part of what makes it interesting to me is that late in the game (when you have fewer and fewer open posts, and need more specific rolls), the decision to roll or stop becomes increasingly significant.

I actually enjoy weighing the odds of getting a roll that I need vs. the possibility of getting an unplayable roll (or one that I'd have to play but will reduce my score), and enjoy that those odds change as I get closer to the end of the game.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Feedback on new bonus cards
« on: 23/02/18, 06:34pm »
I did click on the card the second time (prompted by the movement), but I didn't really understand that it was necessary.

It didn't occur to me that I would need to click again to "take" the reward, because I don't see a reason that I *wouldn't* collect the reward, if that makes sense.

To put it another way, if there were times that I didn't want the displayed card (rewards that were somehow "bad" for me), then the click would make sense, but if it's always something I want (or nothing), then the second click feels like an odd requirement to me.

Not a problem, exactly, but I do think it's a little confusing because there's no clear reason for the second click.

That said, many thanks for the free stuff.  ;)

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Teams?
« on: 01/11/16, 05:44pm »
My understanding is that teams are based on geography (so the update is using geoIP lookup to try to figure out where players are located even if they don't actually specify).

Excellent -- thanks, Jeremy!

Happy Meeple community / Android game recommendations?
« on: 20/10/16, 04:36pm »
I'm a fan of Lost Cities, Level X, and the Keltis games -- does anyone have any recommendations for similar (or just interesting) casual games for Android devices?


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