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Adam, I did not simply assume that you made a mistake. When you wrote in the Inn about the supposed bug, I checked some of your game replays to see what the problem was. And you did pick the last card in at least two games.

It's not a bug. You have to move clockwise when choosing cards. If you pick the "next" card counterclockwise, you actually picked the last card in line and skipped all other cards. Your opponent has to take all cards you skipped.

My map changed quite a bit since Cartographers started. I got new houses and rearranged everything. A snapshot is taken after a change, but the map on my profile has not changed.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: 2-game ratings? Do you care?
« on: 03/04/20, 06:11pm »
No, I do not care.

Tips, polls, updates / Re: Magic Potion extra power?
« on: 10/03/19, 07:04am »
We always look for ways to give more power to Magic Potion. Magic Potion basically gives you unlimited food. But what if it actually also made the game free for your opponent?
That sounds like a fun idea! Maybe you could offer a "magic potion happy hour" during which games are free for both players.

Thank you, this makes it so much easier to play the game!


I like this game a lot. It is quite complex for such a "small" game, to me, it actually feels more like a "big" board game rather than a card game. Also, you did a great job with the background music!

My input on your questions:
1) I do scroll up and down during the game quite a lot. Seeing the goals top-right would be great, but only if it doesn't make things too crowded or too small to decipher.
2) I definitely prefer the suspense with scoring on the end.
3) + 4) I have hardly changed the views so far, so no opinion...
5) Sometimes it takes a few attempts to make the double-click work, but I have no idea why that is! I play on a desktop browser (with a mouse).
6) I don't use a mobile or tablet.
7) Strong vote for fixed positions!! Not only for the scoring table, please also for the card layouts.

Thank you for offering this great game!  :)

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