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Hello Happy meeple community,

These are some simple games that I would love to be implemented in Happy meeple. They are based on a South Korean reality game show called "The Genius".

I am willing to help developing these game (ruling, images, play testing...).

1. Black and White:

Both players will start with having 99 points. There are 9 rounds. In each round, players may use as many points as they wish of their 99 points.
Starting player of the first round is selected randomly. From second round, starting player will be the winner of previous round. When the starting player decides how many points they will use, a single digit amount will be black, and double digit amount will be white. The following player will use the black and white indicators as hints for their turn. Their points will also be shown as black or white. The player who used more points that round will gain one win.

Used points will be subtracted from the total and player's remaining points will be shown on a 5 stage lamp. One stage of the lamp will turn off every 20 points used and this will take effect as soon as player enters round's points. For example, if player used 10 points in first round, they would have 89 points remaining so there would be no change on the lamp. However, if the player used 10 points in second round, player would have 79 points remaining and one stage of the lamp would turn off. If a player uses an amount that takes them below a stage, this will be shown before the next player has their turn.

The player with more wins by the end of round 9 will win. If a player gains 5 wins anytime in a game, it will end immediately.

2. Indian Poker:

At the start of the game, each player will arrange a set of 5 cards (4, 5, 6, 7, 8) for your opponents  (in any order of their choice).
Each player will also start with 20 coins.
The game will have 5 biding rounds, corresonding to the 5 cards. Hence, for each biding round, a player will know their opponent's card but not his own card.
For each biding rounds: each player has to bid 1 coin to start. The action: raise, call, fold are similar to a normal poker game.
If a player fold while his card is an 8 card (the highest card), he will be punished another 10 coins for his opponent as well!
If a player has no more coins, then the game will stop immediately and he will be the lose.
In addition to that, each player will start the game by choosing 2 skills from a set of 4 skills:
- Skill A: increase the value of his card in this round by 2 points. Used after both players finished the biding step and are about to flip their cards.
- Skill B: decrease the value of the opponent in this round by 2 poins. Used after both players finished the biding step and are about to flip their cards.
- Skill C: negate all skill A and B used by your opponent in this round. Used after both players finished the biding step and are about to flip their cards.
- Skill D: see your own card in this round. Used in biding step.

A player can use each of his chosen skill once per game, but he can use both of his skills in the same round. After each round: the used skills will always announced.

3. Yutnori:
2 players will race in a line with 30 squares (from 1 to 30).
Both player started in square numbered "0" (or start).
The player to go on first turn is chosen randomly. On his turn: each player can chose 1 out of 3 choices: XX, XO, or OO. He will then move according to the combined choice of 2 players:
- If both player choose OO: go ahead 4 squares, and get an extra turn.
- If both player choose XX: go ahead 5 squares, and get an extra turn.
- If the result is OO-XO or XO-OO: go ahead 3 squares.
- If the result is XX-OO, OO-XX, or XO-XO: go ahead 2 squares.
- If the result is XX-XO or XO-XX: go backward 1 square.

All the square that is a multiple of 4 (i.e 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28) each has 1 point. So only the first player to enter that square will score 1 point. The first player that go to "finish" square will also receive 1.5 point, and the game will end immediately. The player with the most points will be the winner.

Migrato / a bug happened to help me win this game ?!
« on: 12/11/20, 12:04pm »
Please have a look at this game:

(this is the replay with the view from my opponent, you just need to focus on his 3rd column since move 75)

It seems that my opponent should have won but his black-winged stilts weren't revealed after he had 4 of them (in correct order: 2-2-2-1, I think).

The game should have ended right there, but I had the extra turns to win.

Did I miss something or a bug magically occurred to help me win that game?

Lost Cities / almost perfect expeditions
« on: 08/11/20, 03:15pm »
This is my first game ever to get all the cards of the same color. I missed the chance to play all of them though ;D

Obviously this is also my highscore (137)

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