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Daily Quest Restart
« on: 27/07/21, 04:41am »
I don't like the Daily Quest restarting when I'm about to finish it! I don't usually pay attention to the time remaining. Why can't players who didn't finish get an extension? Maybe an extra hour if they are taken unawares? Or at least give people partial credit. It makes me feel like I have wasted my time when I get cut off unexpectedly.

You'd think I'd learn, but I honestly don't play on here consistently enough for it to sink in (pay attention to when goals restart). I like playing here, but eventually one of the numerous problems with the site drives me away for a while. I'm glad things are progressing, but more needs to be fixed/ made more user-friendly.

At the very least, can you please, PLEASE, have a warning appear when time is running out? I would say make the warning appear when there is only one hour left, and make it stand out so players can't miss it. I would greatly appreciate it!
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Re: Daily Quest Restart
« Reply #1 on: 27/07/21, 04:56am »
An attention grabbing warning sounds like a good idea.

Maybe also, if the person is completing the last game they need to complete the daily when the clock turns over, they get credit for the game that was begun before it ran out.