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Pouche H.

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"Unique" bot
« on: 27/06/19, 06:19pm »
I am still a fan of the idea that a special/unique bot could be unlocked at a certain rank level.
This bot would be available at (say) +1800 rank in Lost Cities.  It would be (by far) the toughest bot and exclusive to the higher rank and 'open-able' as an option to the player(s).  The reward would be something greater than a +7 ranking for a win. Maybe extra gold, or a magic potion for a time, and a new meeple for first win.
Once a player hits +1800 ranking losses are SOOO devastating to the ranking that i think many players limit their playing time (something they are completely conflicted about - want to play, but any loss kills the ranking).  I think that a unique challenge, something NOT mandatory, but optional to high rankings would be engaging and something to strive for.

Jimmy V.

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Re: "Unique" bot
« Reply #1 on: 28/06/19, 04:57pm »
Hi Pouche,

Thanks for posting. We love hearing from our players.

What you are asking is a little bit difficult. Firstly, making a better bot for Lost Cities, although certainly feasible, is not something easy. It would take days if not weeks. Secondly, this is adding some complexity to the platform and at the moment, we are trying to avoid adding too many special cases.

I understand though that you want more challenges. Maybe our new solo games, that will come with a series of puzzles, will give you something to look at for a while.