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Rankings, meeples and achievements / Re: Draw
« on: 30/01/18, 06:55pm »
Why has this issue not been dealt with? Players should NOT be losing points or having winning streaks broken because of a draw. A draw is a tie for winner in a two-player game. Both players win. So if this is counting negatively against the players, it is unethical.

Seems like a technicality that should be corrected to reflect what the player actually sees.

Happy Meeple community / Glastonbury Multi Spells
« on: 30/01/18, 05:02pm »
Am I the only one who is irritated by the one spell per turn limit? Isn't it enough to limit a player to a single draw? Why must the use of a Declinatio spell (helps you get around the corner), which is based on the structure of the game, prevent you from using a Perlucio spell to see what's in your cauldron, a Vanesco to remove an opponent's ingredient, or an Accio to take a distant ingredient, all of which are more utilitarian (having to do with the functions of the player in the game rather than the game's design)? It seems pretty arbitrary to me. I often find myself calculating where I will land after rounding a corner using Declinatio with plans to use a Vanesco to pull away one of my items my opponent has stolen. It's a pretty desperate situation, and often causes me to forget that petty "one spell per turn" rule. In my opinion, Declinatio should not even count as a spell, since, as I said, it doesn't have any real function within the reality of the game, and is only there to assist you in navigating the board.

Happy Meeple community / Re: Disappointing Glastonbury
« on: 30/01/18, 04:27pm »
You're right. I've been realizing lately how much luck is involved in Glastonbury. I didn't see it before. I try your same strategy, Chris, but in one game I lost because I took too many spells and not enough point cards. Funny thing is that by bot opponent passed up spell cards toward the end as if they KNEW what was going to happen. I don't know how much the AI is privy too, but it seemed awfully coincidental.

Happy Meeple community / Disappointing Glastonbury
« on: 28/01/18, 05:38am »
I really enjoyed playing this game at first. I was happy that even though I had some horrible ratings elsewhere, at least I did well at Glastonbury. But lately every game against the bot has been like playing Chess with Bobby Fisher. The AI is WAY too smart, and I want to play for fun, not have to think 5 moves ahead, as it seems to be doing. Why can't the difficulty of the AI me more variable? If this continues, I'll probably stop playing.

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